William R. Decota, Director of Aviation, The Port Authority of NY & NJ Addresses Gathering at The Wings Club

Jan 22, 2003, 00:00 ET from The Wings Club

    NEW YORK, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- In a speech before The Wings Club,
 William R. DeCota, Director of Aviation for The Port Authority of NY & NJ
 called upon the airlines, airports, the Government and other players in the
 aviation industry to resolve to make positive change, and to come together to
 make "this business work for the millions of people who rely on us."
     Continuing DeCota spoke about the need for a new airport/airline/federal
 partnership that would speak with a collective voice when advocating on
 matters of funding and security, including the possibility of deregulating the
 airports, while remaining sensitive to those who live, work and learn in
 communities near airports.
     "Airports must gain more of the regulatory freedoms now shared by the
 airlines.  Airports not only need the ability to build capacity enhancing
 projects that environmental streamlining would help enable, but they also need
 the other delay reducing tools like congestion pricing.
     "This is the time for airport operators, with local government officials
 and the communities they serve, to focus on restoring the freedom airports
 need to operate both transportation facilities and successful businesses.  As
 Congress considers aviation reauthorization legislation they need to think
 about sun setting airport economic regulation, allowing airports to raise
 money and use it more flexibly for airport purposes."
     An organization founded in 1942 for aviation professionals and enthusiasts
 that preserves the history and perpetuates the traditions of aviation, The
 Wings Club provides an important forum for discussion and debate on aeronautic
 and aviation issues.  For more information on The Wings Club call
 (212) 867-1770.

SOURCE The Wings Club