Winners of First RFID Excellence in Business Awards Showcase Industry Diversity

Companies Honored at CMP Technology's RFID World 2007

Mar 27, 2007, 01:00 ET from CMP Technology

    DALLAS, March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Winners of the first RFID Excellence
 in Business Awards, announced today at CMP Technology's RFID World 2007
 conference and exhibition (, highlight the
 industry's diversity as well as the business benefits organizations are
 gaining from this innovative technology. Using RFID, honorees achieved 30
 to 50 percent reductions in inventory and labor costs, respectively; 100
 percent tag read rates despite temperature and humidity challenges and a
 100 times reduction in cost compared with a Global Positioning System (GPS)
 tracking option.
     The awards, presented in five categories, showcase RFID excellence in
 healthcare, fresh produce transport, and wildlife conservation, as well as
 technology and industry visionaries who have advanced the development and
 use of RFID. RFID Revolution, a market strategy consulting firm and
 provider of state-of-the-art education tools, co-founded and administered
 the awards program at RFID World to showcase achievement, innovation, and
 unique applications that illustrate the power and functionality of RFID.
     The 2007 recipients are:
     Award 1 -- Excellence in RFID Implementation
     Mercy Medical Center (end user), Edwards Lifesciences (supply chain
     partner), and Wavemark, Inc. (RFID vendor) are being honored for an RFID
     solution to track costly consumables, such as stents, within Mercy's
     Catheterization Lab. The application has yielded promising results,
     including a projected 30% reduction in high-cost inventory, the
     elimination of a daily hand-count of 2,000 items, and reduced waste of a
     perishable product.
     Award 2 -- Excellence in RFID Pilot
     Evidencia LLP (distributor/integrator) won this award for cold chain
     management of temperature and delivery of avocados, an application
     spanning 6,000 miles-from the Rio Blanco farms (end user) in Chile to the
     end customer in California, a subsidiary of Green Giant. Using
     RFID-enabled temperature logging technology from Evidencia's affiliate,
     Information Mediary, the pilot produced 100 percent read rates despite
     challenging temperature and humidity conditions.
     Award 3 -- Excellence in RFID Technology
     Eugene, Oregon-based ADASA, Inc. (vendor) is being recognized for its
     low-cost, wearable, mobile encoder, the PAD3500, which supports the
     encoding of tags anywhere, anytime. The device works in conjunction with
     ADASA's SmartCartridge, enabling the hands-free loading and encoding of RF
     tags. The solution has already demonstrated business value in a pilot with
     Freedom Shopping (end user), which reduced labor by as much as 50 percent.
     Award 4 -- RFID Visionary of the Year
     Dr. Chris Diorio, chairman and chief technical officer of Impinj, Inc., is
     being honored for his leadership in EPCglobal standards and UHF RFID. Dr.
     Diorio was a key contributor in developing practical standards for the
     RFID industry through his leadership as chair of the EPCglobal Hardware
     Action Group. His company has been the world leader in producing usable
     Gen 2 silicon chips used in RFID tags. His leadership in near-field UHF
     communications helped overcome some of the environmental challenges to
     RFID, such as metal and water, to produce working solutions in
     supply-chain tracking.
     Award 5 -- Most Innovative RFID Application
     Texas Instruments (vendor) received this award for its work with the World
     Wildlife Fund (end user) in tracking white-lipped peccaries, a type of
     wild pig, in the Amazon. TI's passive, low-frequency RFID transponder
     incorporated into the animal ear tags performed extremely well in a harsh,
     non-controlled environment. The RFID application is less invasive and 100
     times less expensive than GPS options. The World Wildlife Fund is using
     the information to better understand animal behavior in order to conserve
     the species and its habitat.
     Seventeen distinguished judges from vendor and end-user companies,
 associations, investment firms, and publications reviewed a total of 96
 applications. "It was great to see so many uses for this technology both
 inside and way outside the supply chain," said Andy Schmidt, director of
 information systems, Sun-Maid Growers of California, one of the judges.
     Bill Allen, group director of RFID at CMP Technology, as well as Leslie
 Downey and Patrick May, principals at RFID Revolution, announced the
 winners prior to the conference keynote address. Recipients, applicants and
 their partners as well as the judges and steering committee members are
 listed on the RFID Excellence in Business Awards website at
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