With a New Look, Wunderman Takes Aim at the Next 50

Mar 10, 2008, 01:00 ET from Wunderman

    NEW YORK, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Brandishing a new look, Wunderman,
 the world's largest marketing services agency(1), celebrates 50 years in
 business and enthusiastically ushers in the next 50 years with a new brand
 identity. The new look reflects Wunderman's personality: smart-delivering
 insight and meaning in fresh and new ways; cosmopolitan-we are global
 citizens with people working in 130+ offices in 55 countries;
 authoritative-worth listening to; and emotive-speaking passionately to
 clients and customers alike.
     Created by sister WPP shop Lambie-Nairn, the brand identity includes a
 new logo, a brand property called the "Curious Square," and a bright new
 color palette. Wunderman offices around the world will begin sporting the
 new look immediately. Newly acquired companies including AGENDA and Blast
 Radius, and other subsidiaries like KnowledgeBase Marketing will maintain
 their own brand identities. However, the new look makes it easy for these
 companies to affiliate with Wunderman by adding "part of the Wunderman
 network" to their logos.
     (Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20080310/NYM157LOGO )
     "Wunderman's new and refreshed brand identity brings focus to our core
 proposition for clients and potential clients and provides each and every
 employee with a common articulation of our values and our vision for the
 next 50 years, and beyond," said Trish Wheaton, Wunderman's chief marketing
 officer, who spearheaded the initiative.
     "It draws great strength from our rich heritage and future focus. We're
 the first agency to truly harness the possibilities of creating
 conversations that start and continue across print, TV, phone and digital
 channels. It truly reflects a sense of possibility and energy," Wheaton
     The Curious Square
     "The 'Curious Square' is a visual embodiment of the inquisitive side of
 the Wunderman personality, representing interest and exploration. It
 changes and comes alive in the interactive world and in print, bringing a
 healthy curiosity and the freshness with which we approach our business.
 What could be better in an industry based on ideas?" Wheaton explained.
     A Year-long Celebration!
     The unveiling of the new look kicks off a year-long celebration as
 Wunderman looks forward to its next 50 years.
     Later this spring, wunderman.com also will take on a new look and new
 offerings. It will offer instant access to a range of rich insights on
 trends and new developments as well as thoughts from some of the most
 provocative thinkers in the business including Lester Wunderman.
     Other events are planned throughout the spring and fall to energize
 Wunderman people and its clients around the world about its bold new
     The Road Ahead
     Wunderman is surrounded by a host of recent digital acquisitions
 including Blast Radius, These Days and Aqua Online, forming one of the most
 formidable digital networks in the world. In 2007, Wunderman bolstered its
 core competencies in data services with a majority stake in DataCore
 Marketing. This complements our strong data and analytics credentials,
 which include KnowledgeBase Marketing (and its subsidiary Fortelligent),
 and interactive specialist and Web analytics expert ZAAZ. 2008, our 50th
 year, began with the acquisition of AGENDA, the interactive crown jewel in
     Lester Wunderman co-founded Wunderman, Ricotta and Kline in 1958. The
 company was acquired by Young & Rubicam (Y&R) in 1973, and in 1992 merged
 with Cato Johnson, a sales promotion company, to create Wunderman Cato
 Johnson. In February of 2000, the company renamed itself Impiric. On June
 1, 2001 the name Wunderman was officially restored.
     (1) Advertising Age, December 31, 2007

SOURCE Wunderman