Within3 and MedWish International to Build Network for Donating Medical Supplies to Developing Nations

Sep 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from Within3

    SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Within3 today announced at the
 Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco that it will provide its social-
 networking platform to help MedWish International recover usable medical
 supplies for use in developing nations - including economically developing
 countries, countries in a state of crisis due to war, and countries in a
 state of crisis due to natural disaster.
     Everyday, countless usable medical supplies are discarded by hospitals,
 healthcare facilities, and medical supply distributors in the United
 States. This occurs while developing countries throughout the world are in
 desperate need of these items. The primary goal of MedWish International is
 to recover, recycle, and redistribute these life-saving supplies to those
 providing medical care in developing countries throughout the world.
 Globally, the MedWish International program improves the quality of medical
 care available to the underserved around the world; locally, they are
 effectively reducing the amount of solid waste deposited in landfills. To
 date, MedWish International has had the opportunity to provide medical
 supplies to over 49 different countries.
     Within3 is the fastest growing, international, interdisciplinary
 community for healthcare professionals online. Within3 will help MedWish
 International leverage the viral properties of networks to help make
 additional physicians and healthcare systems aware of simple ways that can
 save lives in developing nations across the globe.
     Medwish International's founder Dr. Lee Ponsky said, "Through
 partnerships with the Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, University
 Hospitals, the Ireland Cancer Center, the Taussig Cancer Center, and The
 MetroHealth System, among others, we are able to gather and ship tons of
 medical supplies each year. Many physicians and organizations are
 volunteering their time and recycling equipment that - though considered
 outdated in some parts of the world - represent life-saving supplies
 elsewhere. Our commitment to our vision drives us to make other physicians
 aware of our efforts, and we believe that social media are the best vehicle
 to achieve this goal. We evaluated several options and selected Within3
 because of its appeal to a variety of physicians worldwide and its unique
 features for groups to interact with physician and researcher communities."
     Within3's CEO Lance Hill said, "We are thrilled that Within3 is able to
 help MedWish International achieve its noble mission, and we are very
 enthusiastic about working with MedWish International and a host of other
 organizations in healthcare to not only bring tremendous value to our
 members, but hopefully do our part to improve healthcare globally in the
     Within3 fuses social network science and proprietary Internet
 technology to enable a valuable online network for physicians, researchers
 and medical organizations worldwide (http://www.within3.com). Within3 is
 based in Cleveland, Ohio and is a portfolio company of BioEnterprise, a
 non-profit business accelerator chartered by the Cleveland Clinic, Case
 Western Reserve University, University Hospitals, and Summa Health Care.

SOURCE Within3