Women of Faith Tells the Other Mothers' Stories: Adoption, Neglect, Mothers-in-Law, Aging, Sacrifice, and Childlessness

Apr 05, 2004, 01:00 ET from Women of Faith

    DALLAS, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- In 30 arenas across the country, six
 hilarious, wise, and life-tested women -- each a decidedly atypical mother --
 are telling their stories to 350,000 of their closest friends.  This is Women
 of Faith: six headline speakers who break the greeting-card mold:  from the
 adoptive mother whose daughter finds her biological family intact to a woman
 resisting her son's desire to fight overseas.
     Women of Faith is the world's largest women's event -- womenoffaith.com .
 In nine years, some 2.5 million women have filled arenas for its music, drama,
 empathy, and humor -- all built on the speakers' life stories.  And what
     And now, your adopted daughter's parents ...  Marilyn Meberg:
 (60-something)  At age 23, Marilyn's adopted daughter found her biological
 family intact, and a new era began.  But what about Marilyn?  A new widow, her
 only son just married.  And the biological parents?  Marilyn, a psychologist,
 shares the often untold adoptive mother's perspective.
     When your mother can't mother.  Thelma Wells: (60-something)  When her
 unwed mother couldn't care for her, Thelma's great-grandmother stepped in to
 inspire faith in an elegant story of survival and triumph.
     A mother-in-law's rejection.  Sheila Walsh:  (40-something)  When the
 mother-in-law who rejected her is dying, Sheila shares love and healing that
 transcends life itself.
     A full life without children.  Luci Swindoll:  (70-something)  At an
 ebullient and never-married age 71, Luci has insight and hindsight into the
 full life sans children.  Single women say her words help reframe their own
     Giving her only son to fight overseas.  Patsy Clairmont:  (60-something)
 Against her husband's sentiments, Patsy resisted her only son's joining the
 military to fight overseas.  Now she understands her son's resolve and her
 husband's pride and pain.
     Thirty-something and childless.  Nicole Johnson:  (30-something),
 unmarried and childless ...  Nicole's drama captures Everywoman's bouts with
 breast cancer, aging parents, judgment, letting go, and the "other" side of
     Women of Faith, nine years old and Dallas-based, holds 30 women's
 conferences in 28 cities this year. www.womenoffaith.com .
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