World Leaders in Technology and Business to Help 'Energize the Global Entrepreneurial Spirit' at TiEcon 2005, Silicon Valley's Premiere Global Forum for Entrepreneurs

Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Google,, and Yahoo! Keynotes Anchor

May 13-14 Conference; More Than 3,000 Entrepreneurs and Professionals Expected

to Attend for Two Days of Learning, Discussion and Networking

New Emerging Stars and 'VC in the House' Programs Offer Valuable Visibility

and Feedback to Entrepreneurs

Apr 19, 2005, 01:00 ET from TiEcon 2005

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Registration opens this week
 for TiEcon 2005, the world's largest and most successful conference for
 entrepreneurs.  Held May 13 and 14, 2005 at The Westin Hotel and Conference
 Center in the heart of Silicon Valley, this year's event will bring
 entrepreneurs and experienced professionals -- including venture capitalists
 and some of the world's most well regarded successful
 entrepreneurs -- together under one roof.
     "A wave of opportunities are being created worldwide as consumers exercise
 their newfound financial strength," said Prem Uppaluru, convener for TiEcon
 2005 and president and chief executive officer for Transera Communications.
 "Rapid adoption of consumer products are fueling innovation and enterprises
 that are successfully leveraging these global trends will be the ones to watch
 over the next few years.  TiEcon 2005 is designed to help these companies
 shape their strategies and make the connections they need as they grow and
     Anchored by the theme, "Energizing the Global Entrepreneurial Spirit,"
 TiEcon 2005 is designed to encourage learning, discussion, and networking
 among entrepreneurs, thought leaders, corporate executives, and successful
 veteran entrepreneurs.  It will detail the framework of today's business
 environment and discuss the big issues facing industry and entrepreneurs.  In
 addition, plenary sessions and panel discussions will focus on business
 ecosystems in networking, semiconductors, software, storage, consumer
 Internet, wireless and emerging technologies.  Attendees will have the
 opportunity to:
     -- Hear compelling keynotes from luminaries and benefit from their
     -- Learn from world leaders in technology and business
     -- Interact with panel panelists and presenters in candid discussions
     -- Understand how global consumerism is driving innovation and impacting
        business and socio-economics
     -- Gain a deeper understanding of how venture financing really works
     -- Discover the latest developments and hottest opportunities in
     -- Learn innovative sales skills and networking techniques.
     Highlights of this year's event include an unprecedented line-up of
 keynote speakers.  Sharing their insights and expertise will be:
     -- Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer, Microsoft
     -- Marc Benioff, chairman and chief executive officer,
     -- Bruce Chizen, chief executive officer, Adobe Systems
     -- Thomas L. Friedman, columnist, The New York Times
     -- Vinod Khosla, general partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
     -- Daniel Rosensweig, chief operating officer, Yahoo!
     -- Dr. Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer, Google
     Best and Brightest "Emerging Stars" To Share Insights
     Showcasing the best and brightest start-ups in technology, life sciences
 and nano-technology, TiEcon's "Emerging Stars" program will feature panel
 discussions by some of the nation's most promising start-up organizations.
 Top executives from these companies -- identified by their strong go-forward
 strategies, solid management teams, and technologies that make customers sit
 up and take notice -- will have the opportunity to share their insights and
     Is there a "VC in the House?"
     For most start-ups, getting in front of prominent venture capitalists can
 be a challenge.  TiEcon 2005 aims to change that.  This year, TiEcon 2005 will
 feature a unique "VC in the House" program designed to connect senior members
 of the nation's top venture capitalist firms with first-time entrepreneurs.
     Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to sit down with a senior-level
 venture capitalist "doctor" for 5-10 minute sessions, where these "patients"
 will make their pitch and receive a "diagnosis" of their idea or plan.  The
 diagnosis might require a follow-up private meeting at a later date, referral
 to a specialist, a quick prescription to re-think their approach, or in some
 cases, letting them know their plan has a short time to live.
     "Savvy investors typically know within the first five minutes of idea
 pitch whether it is fundable or not, and what was both right and wrong with
 the idea," said Bob Williams, general partner at Bay Partners.  "Now VC's have
 the chance to use that skill in diagnosing opportunity and give back to the
 community at the same time. This new program at TiEcon is a great way for VCs
 to connect with new entrepreneurs and in a comfortable setting provide them
 valuable, real-time feedback on their venture idea."
     Register Today
     To attend TiEcon 2005, register today at .  Passes
 are available for select days, conference dinners, or the entire conference.
 Early registrants qualify for early-bird discount.  A limited number of
 sponsorships and exhibit opportunities also are available.  Please see website
 for additional details or call TiEcon 2005 at 408-567-0700 for more details.
     About TiEcon 2005
     TiEcon, TiE Silicon Valley's flagship annual event, is an opportunity for
 entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, inspiration and an invaluable network of
 contacts.   Participants at the conference include successful venture
 capitalists, investment bankers, and policy makers, leading law firms,
 entrepreneurs and industry professionals from the information technology,
 software and communications industries across the U.S., South Asia and Europe.
 Last year, TiEcon attracted more than 100 expert speakers and panelists, 3000
 delegates and 100 exhibiting companies.
     About TiE
     A non-profit organization with 42 chapters in nine countries and a
 membership base in excess of 10,000, TiE fosters entrepreneurship through
 mentoring, networking and education. At the heart of TiE is its strong
 ecosystem -- which has enabled members to facilitate and create a cohesive
 network of strong viable and sustainable chapters worldwide.  The TiE brand is
 synonymous with entrepreneurship and wealth creation globally.

SOURCE TiEcon 2005