World's 4th Most Powerful Woman Makes First Official Visit to Florida


The Honorable Mrs. Anson Chan, Chief Secretary for Administration of the

Jan 14, 1998, 00:00 ET from Ketchum Public Relations

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, who is principal adviser
 to the Chief Executive and heads the 190,000-strong civil service in Hong
 Kong, was recently dubbed by Time magazine as the fourth most powerful woman
 in the world.  She was appointed Chief Secretary in 1993, the first Chinese
 and the first woman ever to hold the position after 150 years of British
     In her first visit to Florida, Mrs. Chan and her top advisers will be
 holding a press conference to discuss Hong Kong after the handover and Hong
 Kong's interest in increasing their business with Latin America.
     Thursday, Jan. 15, 1998 at 2:15 p.m.
     Hotel Inter-Continental - 100 Chopin Plaza, Gusman Room.
     Did you know. . . .
     --  that trade between Asia and Latin America has more than doubled
 between 1988 and 1996?
     --  that Hong Kong and Miami are the parallel "gateways" for this trade?
     --  that of Hong Kong's US$366.7 billion in total trade, re-exports (from
 China and other Asian nations) represented 83 percent of this value?
     --  that exports from Florida to Hong Kong/China in 1996 totaled nearly
 $800 million, and that trade between Asia and Latin America totaled more than
 $55 billion that year?
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