World's Largest Crop Circle Appears in New Jersey Mint Field! First Circle of 2005 is over 1.5 Acres Wide

Circle stuns local residents

May 17, 2005, 01:00 ET from BACARDI U.S.A., Inc.

    RICHLAND, N.J., May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The first crop circle spotted in
 the United States this year has been located at Dalponte Farms -- one of the
 nation's largest mint farms -- situated in Richland, New Jersey. Farm owner
 Peter Dalponte woke up this morning to find an acre and a half of one of his
 lush mint fields gone, leaving the shape of the BACARDI(R) Bat.
     (Photo: )
     "The aliens must have wanted a Mojito," says Dalponte "That's where most
 of my mint ends up every summer-in the millions of Mojitos made with
 BACARDI(R) Rum, fresh limes, sugar, and soda, especially during Mojito Month
     Easily seen by passing airplanes, the aliens created the crop circle out
 of enough mint to make 1,416,666 Mojitos That amounts to about $10 Million
 Dollars in Mojito revenue. While residents of Grover's Mill, New Jersey are
 expecting an alien invasion this summer, the town of Richland has already had
 a close encounter of the Mojito kind. "They must have created this so that it
 can be seen from outer space," added Dalponte.
     The hottest drink on the celebrity circuit, the original Mojito was a
 refreshing drink made by workers in the Cuban sugar cane fields, who gathered
 the mint that grew around the cane and muddled it with rum. The Mojito was a
 favorite of author Ernest Hemingway, who was regular patron at La Bodeguita
 del Medio in Havana, where sugar, lime juice, and soda were added to the
 traditional recipe around 1930.
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