World's Top 100 Traders Earned $5.82 Billion; Median Income Was $25 Million

New Magazine Compiles Global List of Highest-Earning Traders

Nov 09, 2004, 00:00 ET from Trader Monthly Magazine

    NEW YORK, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- In its debut issue, Trader Monthly
 Magazine has compiled a list of the top 100 financial traders in the world --
 and the results are astounding.
     The 98 men and 2 women named in the "Trader Monthly 100" earned a combined
 $5.82 billion, with a median income of $25 million.  "This list proves that
 Trader Monthly magazine is an idea whose time has come," says Randall Lane,
 the magazine's Editor-in-Chief.  "It's a way to recognize the most talented
 members of the trading community, while inspiring the rest of the industry.
 I'm sure that next year's list will have many different names on it -- it's
 the nature of this particular business to have a lot of volatility."
     "This is the first list ever to separate traders into specific
 categories," says Senior Editor Richard Blake, a National Magazine Award
 finalist last year, who oversaw the four-person team that compiled the "Trader
 Monthly 100." "We have hedge fund traders, Wall Streeters, buy-side guys, and
 other types of traders.  We wanted to show the top traders in the various
     Interesting facts from the "Trader Monthly 100" include:
     * Hedge fund superhero Stevie Cohen led the pack, with an estimated annual
       income north of half a billion dollars.
     * Nearly 25% of the people on the list changed jobs within the past two
       years; 17% switched jobs in the past year.
     * The average age of a Trader Monthly 100 member is 41.5 -- the youngest
       is 27-year-old Andy "Braveheart" Priston, who took home between $10 and
     * The three most trader-friendly cities are New York (56), London (17) and
       Chicago (8).
     * Not a single NYSE specialist made the list, which bottomed out with
       traders making "only" $5 to $10M -- especially shocking in light of
       former chairman Dick Grasso's controversial compensation package.
     * Two women were included in the "100" -- J.P. Morgan Chase's Angie Long
       of New York, and Margie Teller, who trades on the Chicago Mercantile
     For inclusion in the "Trader Monthly 100," people were required to be
 actively trading during 2003.  Trader Monthly is looking for the next
 generation of Englanders, Robertsons and Soros'.  The salary ranges provided
 were conservatively stated after discussions with hundreds of industry sources
 and in most cases with the traders themselves.
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