Worldwide Polyester Resin Competitive Analysis: Winners Identified

Dec 28, 2007, 00:00 ET from Lucintel

    DALLAS, Dec. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- In a major new research report,
 Worldwide Polyester Resin Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study, 2007,
 Lucintel's analysts examine and profile six of the world's leading
 polyester resin producers -- a full competitive analysis from target
 markets, to product mapping, to selling strategy, to production
     Unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) are the most widely used resin type
 for composites, comprising in excess of 70% of all thermoset resins (others
 being epoxies, phenolics and polyurethanes). In what is currently a market
 characterized by mature products and application markets, escalating raw
 material costs, and overall growth at not much more than GDP rates, the
 leading firms that produce polyester resin and polyester resin reinforced
 composites are approaching market opportunities with starkly different
     Collected from a series of primary vendor interviews and secondary
 sources, this report provides complete profiles of the following companies:
 AOC Resins, Ashland Composite Polymers, DSM Resins, Reichhold, Scott Bader,
 Total (Cray Valley and Cook Composites & Polymers).
     "Not only do we profile and compare these polyester resin producers
 within the report," said Chuck Kazmierski, Lucintel's project manager, "we
 also developed a leadership quadrant that rates each firm based on its
 ability to gain share and its alignment with the market opportunity ahead."
 Lucintel's Leadership Quadrant considers a variety of critical factors --
 from management effectiveness to product range to market strength to
 financial strength -- and then ranks each firm accordingly on the grid for
 quick comparison.
Some of the highlights of this report are: -- In terms of product range for the polyester resin market, Ashland ranked number one. -- In terms of production capacity, Reichhold ranked number one. -- In terms of geographic presence, Total ranked number one. -- Polyester resin demand growth is projected to increase in China, India and some other countries due to growth in construction, and corrosion (pipe, tank) markets over the next 2 years. Demand for polyester resin in the US market is being negatively affected due to downtrend in construction and transportation market. This market report is published by Lucintel (formerly E-Composites,), a leading global market research company and business consulting firm with over 600 clients worldwide. For detailed table of contents and pricing information on this timely and insightful report, please contact Sean Lofgren at 972-636-5056 or via email at or visit URL

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