WOWIO Introduces 'ebooks for Free' Concept to U.S. Readerdom

Aug 14, 2006, 01:00 ET from WOWIO

    YORK, Pa., Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- WOWIO, a revolutionary, new online
 bookstore, officially debuted on August 13, 2006 with the unveiling of the
 company's Web site,
     Founded by entrepreneur and author William Lidwell, WOWIO enables
 readers to download ebooks free of charge by using advertisements
 dynamically inserted into the material to compensate publishers.
     Classic books such as "Wuthering Heights" and "Frankenstein," fiction
 and non-fiction paragons like "High Sierra" and "The Prince," graphic
 novels including the "10th Muse" series and scores of comic book titles,
 among them "Lethal Instinct" and "Sixgun Samurai," are currently available
 through WOWIO. The company has contracted with numerous publishers to offer
 an expanded menu of free, downloadable ebooks by the end of 2006.
     Regis Maher II, president of WOWIO, says, "We're excited to introduce
 our company to the world. Our concept is simple yet revolutionary. Readers
 get free ebooks. Advertisers get a powerful new channel to communicate
 their message and publishers benefit from a new venue to distribute their
 books, expand readership and monetize their intellectual property."
     Readers acquire ebooks via the WOWIO Web site by setting up an account,
 searching for the desired items and adding them to a shopping cart for
 checkout. An email containing a link to download the material is then sent
 to the customer within minutes.
     Advertisers place ads with WOWIO through corporate accounts with the
 company. Advertising campaigns are composed of full-page, full-color
 advertisements and a detailed profile of the target audiences. Advertisers
 create campaigns by targeting specific demographic groups and placing
 messages in ebooks ordered by customers who match the profile. Advertisers
 can modify their campaigns online at any time and receive real-time,
 detailed reports on the cost and performance of their effort. WOWIO also
 offers a no-risk pay- for-placement rate strategy where advertisers only
 pay when an ad is included in an ebook.
     "WOWIO allows advertisers to place highly targeted ads," says Maher.
 "Because the ads match reader interests, they are highly relevant and more
 effective. No other advertising venue in any medium offers WOWIO's
 combination of media richness, interactivity and precision targeting."
     WOWIO's unique ebook downloading technology is patent pending. The
 company's first major sponsorship partner is Verizon Wireless. The
 high-speed wireless access giant serves more than 54 million customers
     About WOWIO(TM)
     WOWIO is a revolutionary online bookstore dedicated to providing
 consumers with free, downloadable ebooks through the use of paid, targeted
 advertising opportunities. Need details about WOWIO? Contact us at (717)
 718-7167 or
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