www.americancapitalist.net: Exclusive Panel of Nanotechnology Experts Reveals Safest Ways to Capitalize on the Coming Nanotechnology Boom

Apr 11, 2006, 01:00 ET from American Capitalist (www.americancapitalist.net)

    BALTIMORE, April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Christian DeHaemer, editor of the
 increasingly popular investment publication Red Zone Profits, has gathered
 a panel of leading experts to discuss the coming nanotechnology boom. The
 discussion, now available via the Internet, offers investors the
 opportunity to safely profit on the impending nanotechnology boom.
     "The investment potential in nanotechnology could be greater than
 anything any investors have ever seen before, even greater than the buzz
 about the Internet back in 1993," says Mr. DeHaemer. "And when the media
 finally starts catching on to nanotechnology, companies that are knee-deep
 in this technology will simply skyrocket."
     Nanotechnology is on the verge of revolutionizing just about everything
 we do. The world has already committed over $2 billion in research funding
 for nanotechnology. And now, scientists foresee a day when they will be
 able to churn out virus-size computers, cancer-munching robots swimming
 through arteries, DNA code writing, and desktop factories assembling
 watches out of dust.
     Not to mention, University of Michigan scientists have already created
 the first quantum microchip, which is a giant stride in the race to produce
 a new generation of brawny, super-fast computers. Here's to the next
 generation of super computers.
     With the investment potential in nanotechnology so staggering, Mr.
 DeHaemer is sharing his market expertise alongside a panel of nanotech
 experts, so investors who listen can safely and effectively realize their
 opportunity to bank huge gains.
     Christian DeHaemer is the editor of the Red Zone Profits line of
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