Wyatt Earp's Colt 45 and Other Major Western Frontier Artifacts to Be Sold

David J. Hall's Collection of Artifacts Such as Doc Holliday's O.K. Corral

Shotgun, Annie Oakley's Smith & Wesson Pistol, Tom Horn's Hideout Gun; Old

West Photograph Collection Including Lillie Langtry, Sitting Bull, Geronimo

and General Custer

Apr 30, 1999, 01:00 ET from Tom Keilman and Son Auctioneers

    AUSTIN, Texas, April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The most significant historical
 collection of Western Frontier artifacts to be offered for sale in decades
 will hit the auction block this coming week.  David J. Hall, author and
 historian of the American West, has announced his retirement and the immediate
 dispersal, at auction, of his vast collection of antique weapons, photographs,
 documents and other artifacts pertaining to the Western Frontier.  The sale
 will take place on May 7th, 8th, and 9th in Pflugerville, Texas.  The
 collection has been known and admired by two generations of historians,
 researchers, students and enthusiasts.
     For 55 years, Mr. Hall collected, studied and wrote about the artifacts of
 the exciting Frontier era.  His collection of guns, badges, documents,
 photographs and old west memorabilia has been exhibited in museums throughout
 the U.S., including the Smithsonian Institution.  The Smithsonian additionally
 sponsored a nationwide two-year tour for his U.S. Marshals Exhibit.  The
 collection contains items owned and used by such famous western characters as
 Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Tom Horn, Annie Oakley (her gloves and pistol), the
 Western gangster "Soapy" Smith (his Derringer) and U.S. Marshals Bill
 Tilghman, Chris Madsen and Heck Thomas.
     One highlight of the antique and collector sale is a large photograph
 collection compiled by the late General F. W. Sackett.  The collection of over
 100 photographs from the 1880's consists of some of the most famous people of
 the Old West: Indian Chiefs Sitting Bull, Geronimo and Red Cloud; Generals
 Custer, Crook, Miles, Merritt and Sherman and Custer's chief of scouts,
 Charles "Lonesome Charley" Reynolds and the Crow scout, Curley.  Perhaps the
 most interesting of all is the picture of "Comanche," the cavalry horse who
 was the sole survivor of Custer's command.  The General's other interest was
 entertainers.  Photos include Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill and "Gentleman Jim"
 Corbett, actresses Lillie Langtry, Sarah Bernhardt and Lillian Russell.
     The auction will be conducted by Tom Keilman of Tom Keilman and Son
 Auctioneers, an old friend of Mr. Hall's, and an expert in his own right on
 artifacts of the Western Frontier.  "David hopes that the collection will pass
 into the hands of people who share his devotion to the American Frontier
 story," said Mr. Keilman.  "This is the damndest collection I ever saw, and
 I've been doing this for 24 years."
     The sale will take place May 7th, 8th and 9th at Lions Hall on North
 Railroad Street in Pflugerville, Texas.  The vast collection is available for
 viewing on the internet at www.tk-auctioneers.com.  More information is
 available by calling 512-251-4236 or 251-5113.

SOURCE Tom Keilman and Son Auctioneers