XYZFind Corp. Ships Repository, Search, and Query Engine for XML

Dramatically Reduces the Effort to Store, Index, and Intelligently Search

And Query XML

Feb 07, 2001, 00:00 ET from XYZFind Corp.

    SEATTLE, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- XYZFind Corp. today released XYZFind
 Server 1.0, its new repository, search, and query engine for XML. XYZFind
 Server, which has been under development for nearly two years, dramatically
 reduces the effort required to store, index, and intelligently search and
 query XML. Trial versions for Solaris, Linux, and WinNT/2K are available for
 download on the company's website at
     "XML data is proliferating exponentially -- faster than enterprises can
 assimilate it," said company CEO Thomas Marvin. "The challenge is to quickly
 implement applications that can exploit this data. While text search engines
 are simple to deploy, they ignore XML's structure, so they cannot process
 precise, structured queries. Relational databases, which have long been the
 backbone of applications that store and query structured data, are too
 cumbersome for most XML applications. To deliver indexed query and search over
 XML content with a relational database, developers must design database tables
 specific to each document type and decompose/translate the XML documents into
 those tables. This is cost- and time-prohibitive for most XML content. XYZFind
 solves this problem with a new 'schema-agnostic' XML repository that stores
 and indexes any well-formed XML without user intervention or preparation and
 provides both keyword search and structured query access."
     Among the customers already signed up to use XYZFind Server is mindwrap,
 inc., developer of the document and content management product, Optix.
 "mindwrap is strongly committed to XML and found that the traditional
 full-text search engines used for unstructured documents didn't exploit the
 context inherent in XML documents," said Craig Landrum, CTO at mindwrap. "We
 began a systematic search to find the best XML search and query technology
 available and found XYZFind. Its ability to search and query heterogeneous XML
 content without complicated database transformations makes it a powerful
 addition to Optix."
     About XYZFind Corp.
     Founded in mid-1999 by ex-Microsoft engineers, XYZFind Corp. builds XML
 infrastructure software. Its flagship product, XYZFind Server, is an XML
 repository, search and query server that dramatically reduces the effort to
 store, index, and intelligently access XML. XYZFind Server is licensed to
 corporations, independent software vendors, content portals, e-tailers, and
 B2B exchanges. The company is funded by XMLFund, BEA Systems, Wilson, Sonsini,
 Goodrich, & Rosati, and Jonathon Lazarus, a prominent angel investor in
 Seattle. For more information, visit
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