Yasexhoo.com - Yahoo Parody Set to Make a Splash

New Twist on the Popular Search Engine Could Be the Next Big Thing

Mar 15, 2004, 00:00 ET from Yasexhoo.com

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Find yourself quietly
 exclaiming "yahoo!" when you find an unusually appealing adult site?  Enter
 new search engine YaSexHoo. com, a Yahoo parody with a bent toward the adult.
     Every once in a while, someone gets a great idea by simply taking a new
 angle on an existing phenomenon.  For example, Weird Al Yankovic has parodied
 hundreds of well-known songs with his own zany lyrics and gained a huge
 following.  And so it is with Mr. Dough, whose newest idea will certainly gain
 its own following, and get people talking in the process.
     In the name of enterprise, ingenuity, and the American way, Dough came up
 with his own parody search engine of the popular Yahoo.com site.  Yahoo is one
 of the biggest Internet search engines out there, and Dough wanted to make
 good on that, but with an adult twist.  Dough's site, Yasexhoo. com, is set to
 be the biggest adult search engine the Internet has ever seen.  "It may not be
 all about mom and apple pie," he says, "but, with the success of the adult
 entertainment industry, it is most decidedly American.
     "There will be no adult content on the page itself," says Dough, "but the
 search engine can be used to find adult websites, online stores, videos, etc."
 The site will also host a list of popular adult-oriented sites, and categorize
 its links into several different categories.
     When asked if he's worried about lawsuits from Yahoo, Dough cites a
 similar twist on the popular Google.com search engine.  Google did try a
 number of avenues to pursue trademark infringement, to great expense and with
 no success.  "I'm really not worried about that," says Dough, "since the past
 has already proven there is no legal infringement."
     Webmasters of adult-related websites may also submit their URLs for
 listing on Yasexhoo. com .  For more information, email Mr. Dough at
 contact@yasexhoo.com.  See the site at http://www.yasexhoo. com .

SOURCE Yasexhoo.com