Young Women Are Not Immune to Breast Cancer; The Medical and Breast Cancer Communities Are Overlooking Young Women with Breast Cancer

The Young Survival Coalition Reaches Out for Action, Advocacy and Awareness

Sep 29, 1999, 01:00 ET from Young Survival Coalition

    NEW YORK, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The Young Survival Coalition (YSC), a
 volunteer network of young breast cancer survivors and supporters
 headquartered in New York, is taking action during this National Breast Cancer
 Awareness Month.  The 60-member coalition comprised of young survivors is on a
 mission to alert America to the incidence of breast cancer in young women and
 the unique issues surrounding breast cancer through Action, Advocacy and
     -- ACTION
        -- To increase the number of research studies, clinical trials and
           diagnostic tools which include the cause, a cure, early diagnosis,
           treatment, reconstructive options, and fertility issues.
        -- To improve funding for the cause, a cure, prevention, treatment,
           research, and support services.
     -- ADVOCACY
        -- To influence politicians and lobby for more funding, improved
           insurance coverage and healthcare policies.
        -- To advocate for a National Breast Cancer Registry
        -- To reach and educate healthy young women, young women at high risk,
           and young breast cancer survivors about breast health issues, early
           detection and support.
        -- To raise awareness among OB/GYN's, primary care physicians and
           surgeons about young women and breast cancer.
     Founded in November 1998, the YSC has developed a website, attended breast
 cancer advocacy conferences, lobbied on Capitol Hill, participated as a team
 at cancer fundraisers, spoken at universities and health fairs, and launched a
 campaign to enlist the sponsorship of corporate America for the YSC Foundation
 and its goals.
     For more information contact: Young Survival Coalition, 77 Fulton Street,
 #19K, New York, NY 10038; 212-577-6259.

SOURCE Young Survival Coalition