Youth Voter Turnout Highest in More Than a Decade

Early Press Reports Inaccurate

Nov 03, 2004, 00:00 ET from Declare Yourself

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Early press reports, including one by
 the Associated Press, claiming that 2004 was not a "breakout" year for young
 voters are being refuted by Declare Yourself, the national nonpartisan,
 nonprofit youth voter movement.  Based on analysis of national exit poll data
 by CIRCLE (The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning &
 Engagement), the facts are as follows:
      *  21 million Americans under the age of 30 voted in 2004, an increase of
         4.6 million from the 2000 election
      *  The percentage of eligible young people who voted also increased, from
         42.3 percent in 2000 to approximately 51.6 percent yesterday
      *  In the ten most contested battleground states, youth turnout was
         64 percent, up 13 percentage points from 2000
      The surge of young voters at the polls has been obscured by an overall
 increase in turnout for all voters.  In fact, youth voter turnout was the
 highest it has been in more than a decade, and four percentage points higher
 than its 1992 peak year.
     Youth voter turnout surpassed the goal of 20 million young voters and one
 million new youth registrants set by Declare Yourself and other youth voter
 organizations.  Declare Yourself generated one million downloaded voter
 registration forms from its Web site in the past year.

SOURCE Declare Yourself