Zazzle Acquires Confego to Accelerate Next Generation in Product Customization

Apr 18, 2007, 01:00 ET from Zazzle

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Zazzle,
 (, the Internet's Creativity Marketplace(TM), today
 announced that it has acquired Confego, a San Francisco Bay Area company
 that empowers iconic global brands to offer fully customized apparel, bags
 and footwear designed from the ground up. Zazzle welcomes Confego
 co-founders Brennan Mulligan and David Gross to the Zazzle team effective
     Confego, from the co-founder of Timbuk2, manages order fulfillment and
 shipping for large retailers such as Reebok, to offer customized versions
 of their products through the use of Confego's proprietary software.
 Through the acquisition, Zazzle will obtain this exclusive software, and
 will continue Confego's current relationship with Reebok's RBK Custom. As
 demonstrated by previous relationships with global brands Timberland and
 Nike, Confego brings expertise in the customization of the construction of
 products, including cut, color, fabric choice and custom embroidery.
     "This relationship marks the beginning of a new generation of
 customization for Zazzle," said Robert Beaver, CEO and co-founder of, Inc. "New brand partnerships mean new choices for our customers
 who are always looking for better means of self expression."
     "The creativity of the Zazzle community is a perfect fit with our
 current offerings," said Brennan Mulligan, co-founder of Confego and Vice
 President at Zazzle. "Consumers have come to expect more for their money.
 The growing availability of fast, easy and affordable customization is
 empowering shoppers to get exactly what they want, without being force-fed
 what designers are offering."
     As a pioneer in the field of customization, Mulligan will help Zazzle
 achieve limitless customization that provides consumers a unique finished
 product almost immediately and at an affordable price. Confego has
 perfected the manufacturing and fulfillment process, allowing delivery of
 custom shoes in just one week, as opposed to the three to five week lead
 time currently provided from similar vendors.
     About Confego
     Confego is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company focused exclusively
 on partnering with large retail brands to offer customizable versions of
 their products. The company's primary role is to build and maintain supply
 chains that are optimized to source customized products quickly and
 efficiently. Confego has utilized this experience to develop a network of
 contract factories that are linked directly to client web sites and other
 points of purchase through their proprietary, web-based order management
     About Zazzle
     At Zazzle, anyone can share and celebrate their interests and passions
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 Zazzle combines on-demand manufacturing, a robust online community, the
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