Ze Frank Airs Final Episodes of Popular Video Blog on Blip.tv

Leading Video Sharing Site to Be Final Home for all 'The Show with Ze

Frank' Archives

Mar 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from Blip.tv

    NEW YORK, March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Blip.tv, the video sharing site
 focused on independently produced shows, today announced that popular
 videoblogger and Internet personality Ze Frank will air the final episodes
 of The Show with Ze Frank using blip.tv's services. Frank's final episode
 will air on March 17, 2007.
     On March 17th an archive of The Show with Ze Frank will launch on
 zefrank.blip.tv and zefrank.com/theshow. Dewar's will sponsor the final
 week of The Show and the show's archives for an additional two months.
     Launched in March 2006 as a one-year project, The Show with Ze Frank
 takes the form of a conversation between the host, Ze Frank, and the show's
 audience of "sports racers." Together they discuss news, politics and
 technology while collaborating on massive group projects.
     Later in 2007, Ze intends to produce and star in other Web and video
 projects, all of which will have a home on blip.tv.
     In addition, blip.tv will incorporate Frank's unique "Gimme some Candy"
 program as part of blip.tv's services to videobloggers. A unique and highly
 successful sponsorship concept, Gimme Some Candy allows any viewer of a
 show to purchase space alongside upcoming videos to run personal messages.
     The Show with Ze Frank joins an impressive roster of popular online
 video shows and videoblogs hosted on blip.tv including Starring Amanda
 Congdon, Wallstrip, Goodnight Burbank, Alive in Baghdad and others.
     "We've been fans of Ze Frank for as long as The Show has existed, and
 we're absolutely thrilled to be supporting one of the most exciting and
 innovative Web video projects out there," said Mike Hudack, CEO of blip.tv.
 "It's a tremendous validation of what we do, and we're very proud that
 blip.tv is the platform of choice for the most creative and talented people
 in online video. Ze's move to blip.tv shows that our simple formula of
 providing the best services to independent content creators works and is
 continuing to work."
     Dewar's will sponsor The Show with Ze Frank on blip.tv and will run
 post- video and banner advertising around both the final episodes and all
 of Frank's archived shows. With this sponsorship Dewar's joins a list of
 notable brand advertisers who have sponsored blip.tv's most popular shows,
 including Unilever's Dove brand and the Web chat community Paltalk.
     "The relationship I have with my audience is extremely important to me
 and a big part of maintaining that bond is ensuring the best viewing
 experience each and every time they watch an episode," said Ze Frank.
 "Blip.tv has everything that I was looking for in a service -- quality
 content, a great user experience and unparalleled support for its show
 creators. I am 100% confident that all of my fans will enjoy and continue
 watching The Show with Ze Frank on the blip.tv platform and I'm very
 excited that we're continuing to prove that independent content creators
 can survive and thrive with brand advertising."
     Dewar's has recently partnered with interactive agency Deep Focus in
 order to identify and broker such new media opportunities.
     "We're extremely excited to be supporting the next generation of
 Internet content creators like Ze Frank," said Ned Duggan, Assistant
 Marketing Manager at Dewar's. "Ze's show is fantastic and his audience is a
 perfect fit for us. We're proud to be associated with the brand Ze has
 built, and we're very excited to be at the leading edge of an important
 trend in advertising -- the sponsorship of independently produced video
     "Ze is one of the most beloved and influential videobloggers," said Ian
 Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus. "Ze's audience is all about engagement,
 interaction, and wit. This co-branded integration opportunity between
 Dewar's, blip.tv and Ze Frank intrinsically aligns a brand that is all
 about wit and wisdom with a personality that is all about the same things."
     The Show with Ze Frank can be seen at http://www.zefrank.com/theshow,
 blip.tv's destination site, http://www.blip.tv and is syndicated throughout
 the Web to platforms such as Apple iTunes.
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