Zend Announces Industry-Wide PHP Collaboration Project at Its Inaugural PHP Conference

Zend Leads Coalition of PHP Community and Industry Partners in Powering PHP to

Create Next Generation Web Applications

Oct 19, 2005, 01:00 ET from Zend Technologies, Inc.

    BURLINGAME, Calif., Zend/PHP Conference & Expo, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ --
 Zend Technologies, the PHP company, today announced the PHP Collaboration
 Project at its inaugural PHP conference and expo. The project is an open
 source initiative through which the PHP community and partners will together
 create an industrial-grade, de facto standard PHP Web application development
 and deployment environment. The Project's first two open initiatives are:
     -- Zend PHP Framework:  A Web application framework which will standardize
        the way PHP applications are built. The Zend PHP Framework will
        accelerate and improve the development and deployment of
        mission-critical PHP Web applications
     -- Engagement with the Eclipse Foundation: Zend is joining the Eclipse
        Foundation as a Strategic Developer. Zend is now proposing to lead a
        project focused on PHP within Eclipse
     Zend's PHP Collaboration Project involves the participation of the open
 source community and a growing group of Zend partners and customers, together
 building a robust PHP development and deployment environment. Initial Project
 participants include: IBM, Oracle, MySQL, Intel, Actuate, ADP, FileMaker,
 Schematic, StepUp Commerce, OmniTI, 100days.de, SugarCRM, bebe.com, and Marco
 Tabini, publisher of PHP Architect Magazine.
     "With more than 40 percent of all Web applications running PHP, PHP has
 already proven itself as an industrial-grade dynamic language," declared
 Doron Gerstel, CEO of Zend Technologies. "Now, with the community and our
 partners, we are collectively taking PHP to the next level by leading open
 source projects based on de-facto standards. The open source Zend PHP
 Framework and Eclipse-based development environment initiatives, combined with
 PHP's exceptional ease of use, will transform the way Web applications are
 developed and deployed."
     Zend is working with the PHP community and independent software vendors
 (ISVs) to develop the open source Zend PHP Framework project. This framework
 is designed to bring extreme simplicity, an open standard, a friendly license
 and a structured development process all leading to a uniform code base for
 next-generation Web applications.
     "PHP's simplicity can ease adoption and reduce complexity and cost for
 corporate developers," said Rod Smith, IBM Fellow and vice president of the
 company's emerging software technology group. "We look forward to
 collaborating with the PHP community and Zend to further accelerate PHP as a
 leading paradigm for assembling next-generation Web enabled business
 applications that broaden solutions that IBM delivers to customers."
     "As a committed leader and supporter of innovation of all kinds, Intel
 welcomes the PHP Collaboration Project as a new paradigm for PHP application
 development and deployment," said Jon Bork, Director of Intel's Open Source
 Program Office. "We believe this initiative will be a positive catalyst to
 help propel the open source community to new levels of innovation."
     Zend also announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation and its ISV
 community as a Strategic Developer. Within the Foundation, Zend will propose
 to lead a new PHP project, conveying world-class expertise on dynamic
 languages to Eclipse. Zend's participation with Eclipse will benefit
 participating businesses by delivering the extreme simplicity of PHP to the
 active and established Eclipse development platform. In addition, the PHP
 community and its customers will benefit from the Zend/Eclipse partnership
 through improved access to the Eclipse open source development platform and
 its vibrant ecosystem.
     "Actuate was the first Business Intelligence vendor to deliver open source
 reporting solutions through its partnership with Eclipse," said Mark Coggins,
 senior vice president of engineering at Actuate and Eclipse Foundation board
 member. "We are looking forward to our participation in the new Zend open
 source initiatives. Our participation in the Framework and the Eclipse
 projects led by Zend will facilitate integration of our reporting solution.
 The initiative is a great opportunity for ISVs to play a part in providing
 customers with a comprehensive solution for building next generation PHP-based
 Web applications, which in Actuate's case translates into providing customers
 with a complete reporting solution for PHP."
     About Zend Technologies, Inc.
     Zend Technologies, Inc., the PHP company, is the leading provider of
 products and services for developing, deploying and managing business-critical
 PHP applications. Zend's founders are the architects of PHP, which is used by
 more than 22 million Web sites and has quickly become the most popular
 language for building dynamic web applications. Deployed at more than
 10,000 companies worldwide, the Zend family of products is a comprehensive
 platform for supporting the entire lifecycle of PHP applications. Zend,
 headquartered in Cupertino, California, is privately held and venture funded
 with investments from Azure, Index, Intel Capital, Platinum, SAP Ventures and
 Walden Israel. For more information, please visit www.zend.com, or call

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