Zope Corporation Releases Zope 2.5 and Python 2.2

Everitt and van Rossum Showcase Releases at LinuxWorld

And the Python Conference

Jan 28, 2002, 00:00 ET from Zope Corporation

    FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Zope Corporation, the leader
 in open source content management, custom solutions and developers of
 Zope(TM), the leading open source web application server, announces the
 release of Zope 2.5. Zope enables the rapid building and deployment of web
     "Zope version 2.5 is a product rich in benefits to both mid-sized and
 large companies," says Hadar Pedhazur, board chairman of Zope Corporation.
 "Our new template model defines 'state-of-the-art' methodology for how site
 designers collaborate with developers. Zope is the compelling alternative to
 proprietary content management solutions with its emphasis on cost control and
 quality assurance. Upgrading the license to achieve GPL compatibility and a
 renewed Open Source Initiative certification, reaffirms Zope's leadership and
 commitment to open source. Zope Corporation is particularly grateful to
 Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation for his help in modifying
 Zope's license."
     Zope 2.5 includes Zope Page Templates (ZPT), the new model for dynamically
 generating pages. ZPT embraces W3C standards by leveraging namespace
 attributes to insert page directives. This approach allows site designers and
 developers to work side-by-side, since the interim and final product remains
 valid HTML. The 2.5 release also offers built-in session tracking, encrypted
 password support and significant performance improvements. Zope Corporation
 has just released version 1.2 of its Content Management Framework (CMF).
     Python 2.2 was recently released (http://www.python.org). Guido van
 Rossum, director of PythonLabs at Zope Corporation, and Paul Everitt,
 co-founder of Zope Corporation, will discuss the new releases during speeches
 at LinuxWorld NYC this week and the 10th International Python Conference in
     Zope is popular in both corporate and government sectors, the latter
 particularly in Europe. "Zope is being used by the Bas-Rhin regional
 administration located in Strasbourg and by the French Government Information
 Services (SIG)," says M. Michel Sapin, French Minister of Public
 Administration and State Reform. "Zope permits the creation of reusable,
 completely tuneable systems, for every administration which would need an
 online information management tool, without complex technical developments."
 The Bas-Rhin site recently won a website competition with many entrants.
 Nuxeo, a Zope development company in France, is developing the SIG site for
 the Prime Minister.
     About Zope
     Zope is the leading open source application server, specializing in
 content management, portals, and custom applications. Since Zope Corporation
 introduced Zope as an open source product in 1998, it has become the platform
 of choice for content publishers, managers and application developers. Zope
 comes with complete source code, and no software licensing fees. There are
 over 20,000 developers around the world contributing to Zope, providing
 on-going support and enhancements. More information, including the Zope source
 code, is available at http://www.zope.com.
     About Zope Corporation
     Zope Corporation is the leading provider of enterprise content management
 solutions based on the open source Zope application server and its new Content
 Management Framework (CMF). Zope Corporation rapidly creates and deploys
 high-performance content management solutions that are scalable, reliable, and
 easily maintained. Source code is delivered with their systems, so clients
 have complete control over their software. Customers include Fortune 1000
 companies, newspapers and other media, telecommunications firms, government
 agencies, the military, educational institutions and Internet businesses. Zope
 Corporation is backed by Opticality Ventures www.opticality.com. The company
 is headquartered in Virginia. For more on Zope Corporation and Zope visit
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