Zygote Media Group Launches 3DScience.com With Biomedical Animation and Female 3D Human Anatomy

Online Store to Provide Scientific 3D Content-Where Art Meets Science

Aug 04, 2005, 01:00 ET from Zygote Media Group

    LOS ANGELES, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Zygote Media Group, provider of world-
 class 3D content for the biomedical, entertainment, scientific and animation
 markets, today announced the launch of its new online store featuring Zygote's
 celebrated 3D Human Anatomy Collection, Biology and Nanotechnology products
 and much more. Zygote also announced today the world's most complete 3D Female
 Anatomy Collection will be released September 1, 2005 and available at
 http://www.3dscience.com. Introductory pricing and financing are available.
     "There is an increasingly strong need to visualize the invisible," said
 Bryan Brandenburg, CEO of Zygote Media Group. "3D Science is the first
 dedicated website for scientific visualization and biomedical animation. We
 have a wide variety of science products on the store and in development from
 Quarks to Black Holes. Our aim is to enable people to visualize and, therefore
 better understand themselves and the universe with state of the art imagery
 for everything under the skin and everything out of this world."
     3DScience.com provides 3D content for a variety of scientific disciplines.
 From biology to quantum physics and nanotechnology to astrophysics, Zygote is
 bringing to market scientific models, art and animation. This growing library
 of products complements the most complete and accurate 3D biomedical library
 and 3D Human Anatomy collections available today.
     Models, images and animation are offered for the skeletal system, muscular
 system, DNA, molecular cell biology, atomic particles, molecular systems,
 viruses, nanotechnology and much more.
     Introductory offer
     Zygote is offering free products to welcome new users including 3D models
 of the male and female body (Integumentary System-skin), which were generated
 from scans of live models as well as a collection of dozens of free images
 covering a variety of scientific disciplines. New free content will be
 announced in the 3DScience.com newsletter.
     Call to 3D Science and Medical Artists
     3DScience.com is offering a variety of opportunities for 3D artists
 specializing in scientific and medical models, images and animations. Please
 contact jobs@zygote.com for more details.
     About Zygote Media Group
     With more than 10 years of development, Zygote's library of licensable
 content boasts the most comprehensive collections of anatomical 3D content
 available. Founded on the core principles of high-value service and products,
 Zygote continues to deliver modeling, texturing, rigging, animation,
 rendering, compositing, and effects to world-class companies. Zygote's library
 of licensable content boasts the most comprehensive and integrated collections
 of anatomical models and textures available on the worldwide web. Zygote is
 located near Salt Lake City, Utah and can be found at http://www.zygote.com,
 or by calling (801) 765-4141.
     About 3DScience.com
     3DScience.com is an online marketplace and community dedicated to
 scientific visualization. Home of the Zygote 3D Male and Female Anatomy
 collections, 3DScience.com also provides a wide range of science content
 products and biomedical animation services relating to microbiology, anatomy,
 chemistry, physics, nanotechnology with plans of expanding into many areas of
     Note to Editors
     More information on the 3D Female Human Anatomy collection can be found at
     More information about free science and medical images for the press and
 end-users can be found at
      Media Contact:
      Tim Rush
      Snapp Norris Group

SOURCE Zygote Media Group