Zyvex Confirms Two More Certified Nanotube Suppliers

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. (UK) and Pyrograf Products (Ohio) Meet Program


Jan 12, 2005, 00:00 ET from Zyvex Corporation

    RICHARDSON, Texas, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Zyvex today announced that
 Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., and Pyrograf Products, Inc. have successfully met the
 requirements of the Zyvex Supply Chain Certification program for single-wall
 carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube fibers (respectively).  Zyvex's
 comprehensive program verifies quality and consistency using market-accepted
 analytical tests.
     Thomas Swan is one of the UK's leading performance chemical manufacturers.
 Their single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), marketed under the Elicarb(R)
 trademark, can now be incorporated into Zyvex's NanoSolve(TM) additives and
 concentrates for polymer composite applications.
     Pyrograf Products, Inc. (PPI), is one of the world's leading producers of
 carbon nanofibers.  PPI has the exclusive license to produce and distribute
 the high-quality, multifunctional Pyrograf(R)-III carbon nanofibers, developed
 by PPI's research affiliate, Applied Sciences, Inc. (ASI).  The Pyrograf-III
 carbon nanofibers, developed under the Department of Commerce's Advanced
 Technology Program (ATP), can now be incorporated into Zyvex's NanoSolve
     "Our customers demand quality and reliability.  As such, we demand quality
 raw materials for our NanoSolve products," said Zyvex President Thomas A.
 Cellucci, Ph.D., MBA.  "Pyrograf Products has demonstrated their ability to
 manufacture high-quality carbon nanofibers and Thomas Swan & Co. has
 demonstrated their ability to manufacture high-purity single-wall carbon
 nanotubes.  We are satisfied that both companies can scale their production
 technology to match the expected increase in industrial demand."
     "We are delighted to have obtained Zyvex's seal of approval," said Harry
 Swan, Nanomaterials Business Manager at Thomas Swan.  "Quality control and
 consistency of material are vital to ensure the successful uptake of carbon
 nanotubes in a wide range of commercial applications."
     "There is increasing interest in the defense and aerospace communities to
 use our carbon nanofibers to impart enhanced thermal, mechanical and
 electrical properties in high-performance composite systems," said Thomas W.
 Hughes, General Manager at Pyrograf Products.  "Zyvex's NanoSolve technology
 helps produce a highly dispersed network of carbon nanofibers within various
 polymer systems.  This attractive feature enables our growing user base to
 design and build customizable, multifunctional composite materials and
 components.  This is a win-win for us, for Zyvex, and for our end users in the
 defense and aerospace communities."
     Thomas Swan & Co. and Pyrograf Products are the second and third companies
 to be certified under this program.  Zyvex is working with a number of other
 leading nanotube providers and will continue to announce additional vendors as
 they become certified.
     The Supply Chain Certification process is an integral part of Zyvex's
 ability to provide high-quality nanomaterials solutions for customer
     About the Companies
     Zyvex Corporation, based in Richardson, Texas, is the first molecular
 nanotechnology company.  Zyvex's vision is to be the leading worldwide
 supplier of tools, products, and services that enable adaptable, affordable,
 and molecularly precise manufacturing.  Zyvex commercializes nanotechnology to
 address real-world applications with high growth potential.  Zyvex carries its
 scientific breakthroughs into key commercial applications in the area of
 materials, tools, and structures.  www.zyvex.com
     Pyrograf Products, Inc. (PPI) manufactures high-quality, affordable,
 multi-functional carbon nanofibers.  PPI's research affiliate, Applied
 Sciences, Inc. (ASI), develops innovative carbon nanomaterials and their
 applications.  Materials currently under development include vapor-grown
 carbon fibers, diamond thin films, and engineered polymers and composites
 derived there from.  In addition to superior thermal, electrical and
 mechanical performance, these materials possess various other desirable
 properties, including low cost.  www.apsci.com
     Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is one of the UK's leading independent performance
 chemical manufacturers.  Founded in 1926, the company has developed a
 manufacturing process for high-purity carbon nanotubes in collaboration with
 the University of Cambridge (UK).  The company is primarily interested in
 providing purified carbon nanotubes as a raw material to a wide range of
 industrial and academic applications without IP constraints.
     Contact Information
     For more information regarding Zyvex's Supply Chain Certification Program
 and NanoSolve(TM) Product Line, contact Marni Rutkofsky, Chemist and Technical
 Sales Representative for NanoSolve Materials, at mrutkofs@zyvex.com or by
 phone at 972.235.7881 (ext. 234).
     For media information, contact Katharine Green, Director of Corporate
 Communications, at kgreen@zyvex.com or by phone at 972.235.7881 (ext. 220).
     For more information on Pyrograf Products, Inc. or Applied Sciences, Inc.,
 contact John Mackay, Director of Marketing and Communications at
 jmackay@apsci.com or by phone at 937.766.2020 (ext. 112).
     For more information on Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., contact Harry Swan,
 Nanomaterials Business Manager at hswan@thomas-swan.co.uk or by phone at
 +44 (0) 1207 505 131.  For inquiries in the United States, contact Chuck Van
 Fleet at Swan Chemical Inc. (New Jersey) at CVanFleet@thomas-swan.co.uk or by
 phone at 201.729.1400.
     Zyvex and the Zyvex logo are registered trademarks and NanoSolve is a
 trademark of Zyvex Corporation.  Elicarb(R) is a registered trademark of
 Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.  Pyrograf is a registered trademark of Applied
 Sciences, Inc.

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