Gain Targeted Media Attention & Evaluate Campaign Results

As earned media rapidly evolves and communication options proliferate, the need for communications professionals to identify influential contacts, amplify messages by reaching new audiences and evaluate their programs only grows more urgent. PR Newswire’s Agility platform enables you to listen for topics generating buzz, pinpoint important contacts and audiences, share your messages through the industry’s largest distribution network, manage your multimedia content and report on the effectiveness of your programs.

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Research, Target & Attract Attention for Your Communications

  • Tap a Global Database – Leverage PR Newswire’s Global Media Database of journalists and bloggers from all spheres: Print, Online, Television, Radio and Social.
  • Create Highly Focused Lists – Develop targeted media lists for specific campaign goals from more than 700,000 outlets and contacts.
  • Plan Targeted Media Outreach – Create as many lists as needed for your campaigns – whether just a handful of reporters or bloggers worldwide.

Share Your Message through the Industry’s Largest Network

  • Distribute News & Content – Send releases and multimedia –videos, photos, infographics – to more sources via PR Newswire.
  • Gain Pick-up & Visibility – Our network was recently analyzed by a leading professional services firm and was found to help our users achieve superior media pick-up and greater visibility on major media sites.
  • Engage More Contacts – Reach more outlets, websites, reporters, bloggers, social influencers via email or social channels.

Easily Incorporate Rich Media with Media Studio

  • Manage Rich Media Content – Upload and manage your rich content to Media Studio and easily add multimedia to your messaging to enrich your communications.
  • Organize Your Multimedia – Customize by campaign, department, region, file type - whatever works best for your team’s workflow
  • Easily Find Your Content –Media Studio’s advanced search is a fast and easy way to find your stored media content.

Monitor More Social Media Conversations

  • Listen to Social Conversations – Keep an eye on more sources for a much more accurate and meaningful view of the social media landscape and the topics generating buzz.
  • Track More Tweets – Follow more relevant Twitter feeds on the topics and sectors most critical to your efforts.
  • Filtered for Relevance – Get the most relevant Facebook posts with noise filtered out.

Evaluate the Success of Your Communications Efforts

  • Analyze Your Campaigns – Use real-time measurement tools to interpret the effectiveness of your communication efforts.
  • Drill Down into Your Reports – Generate reports that visually detail activity level and sources for campaign elements.
  • Measure ROI – Use the powerful reporting tools to pull analytics around your campaign goals and share the results with your team members and stakeholders.
  • Refine Your Approach – Revise your future communications based on what works – and what doesn’t.


Collaborate on Campaigns from Strategy to Results

The Agility platform combines powerful targeting, distribution and engagement tools to help you achieve your communication goals, Create, monitor and collaborate on campaigns easily with Agility, as they move from strategy to tactical planning, through execution to evaluation of the success of your campaign efforts.


“Whether you want a full media distribution service or just want to be able to select, analyse and download a media selection, I have no hesitation in recommending PR Newswire’s Agility platform.”

Douglas Watts

PR Options, Ltd.