Multiply Attention and Engagement with Video, Images, Audio, Landing Pages and More

PR Newswire gives you the tools you need to reach your audience with the information they want in the way that they want it. That's why we offer services that will enhance a standard text release such as images, videos, audio, logos, and much more. 

Add a simple image to almost double your visibility, create a complete multimedia news release to increase coverage exponentially, or launch a microsite that compiles all of your multimedia assets and is ultra-easy to share and update.

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Adding Images & Video

It's proven: Adding images and video increase engagement and social media sharing.
Research shows that images expand your audience up to 92% and a custom mix of photos, videos and multimedia content increases it up to 552%. Why? They make your story stand out among text-only press releases.

Our partnerships with top photo distribution channels such as AP PhotoExpress, NewsCom, AP Photo Archive and Yahoo!Finance puts your story in front of a high-quality audience. Plus, when you add a photo and video, PR Newswire can add more than 1,200 distribution points!  Learn More 

Creating Branded Landing Pages

Build brand awareness - online and off - by showcasing videos, photos, audio files, pdfs, links and more on your branded multimedia microsite
Our technology makes them easily shareable through both social and traditional media channels like websites, blogs, social networks, YouTube, email, television, newspapers and radio.

Keep campaigns fresh by updating content anywhere at any time - even if it has already been downloaded. 

Tweet Your Way to Success

Boost the visibility of your message in Twitter searches with a well-written tweet under 100 characters. We'll distribute it to thousands of followers via relevant industry-specific PR Newswire Twitter feeds. 

Enrich Your Campaigns with Multimedia Content, Strategy & Broadcast Services

Telling your story with rich content drives audience interactions, and our MultiVu division offers multimedia content, media strategy consulting and broadcast services. We can help you increase engagement for your campaigns, from creative concept to video production and media placement strategy. Learn More

PR Newswire Enhancements

  • Add images to expand your audience up to 92%
  • Increase visibility by up to 552% with videos, photos, infographics and other rich content
  • Showcase your multimedia assets on a branded landing page
  • Post to PR Newswire's industry-specific Twitter Feeds

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