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PR Newswire is the largest and most comprehensive news and content distribution network in the world. We founded the industry more than 60 years ago and we've been growing and updating our network ever since.

Additionally, our award-winning customer service is supported by experts that help you identify the optimal distribution to meet your needs.

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Domestic & International Options

PR Newswire, with its multichannel distribution options, helps tell your brand’s story and reaches consumers, professionals, investors and the media through the most trusted comprehensive distribution network in the industry. Our multichannel network includes more than 10,000 U.S. media outlets, 30 industries and 80 U.S. regions and niche markets. We can also send your content to more than 49,000 international media outlets, contacts, databases and websites in more than 170 countries and more than 40 languages.

Multicultural Audiences

PR Newswire’s comprehensive and culturally relevant communications options help you engage with targeted multicultural audiences within the U.S., including Hispanic, African American, North American Chinese and Native American. From our news distribution network to our media partnerships, we offer you ROI-driven results for your multicultural campaigns.

Sharing Your Message in Multiple Channels

Marketers and PR professionals today must strategically plan out their content distribution approach on a multichannel level if they want to successfully achieve their communication goals. Our multichannel distribution network also includes:, our responsive state-of-the-art news site. With a Google page rank of 8, it outranks industry competitors in online discoverability.

  • Access to almost 100 mobile partnerships to help your message get noticed
  • More than 55,000 Twitter followers on almost 50 curated industry accounts and
  • Customizing the look of your content with visually attractive content template designs.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Let us help your brand hone in on niche, industry-specific markets that matter most to you. We’ll help you specify by business sector and by precisely specific areas. PR Newswire also helps your target by ethnicity, age, gender, lifestyle and religion.

Gain Targeted Media Attention & Evaluate Campaigns

With the Agility platform, you can identify influential contacts for your campaigns, share your messages with targeted audiences and evaluate the effectiveness of your communication efforts.
Only the Agility platform integrates PR Newswire's superior global media database – more than 700,000 contacts – and the industry's leading distribution network, to help you pinpoint and reach key journalists, bloggers and audiences, and then analyze the results of your campaign. Learn More 

Financial Disclosure

We make it easy to satisfy disclosure and compliance requirements while engaging more deeply with your stakeholders.
We handle your document conversion (including XML-tagging for mandated XBRL), typesetting and printing, financial reporting and filing needs, while also providing powerful visibility. With PR Newswire, you can distribute with absolute accuracy and confidence. Learn More 

PR Newswire Distribution

  • World's largest distribution network
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  • 10,000+ US news outlets
  • 49,000 international distribution points
  • Translation services in more than 40 languages
  • Broadcast online and social media distribution
  • Target based on geography, interest, job role, and more
  • Meet financial disclosure and compliance requirements

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