European News Distribution

Of the top 20 wealthiest countries in the world, 16 are in Europe. With 25 different countries, histories, cultures and languages across this diverse continent, reaching consumers there demands strategic guidance from experts who understand the local market dynamics.

PR Newswire has established offices in key European markets to expose your brand to audiences there. Our staff, some of whom are former journalists, speak 10 languages, including Dutch, Russian, German, French, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish. That translates to global media relations programs that help organizations connect the continental dots, whether that’s overseas or just across the border.

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Expand your global presence throughout Europe
PR Newswire doesn’t make the wires do all the work. Our staff reaches out to build one-on-one relationships with journalists and editors across Europe. This partnership strategy gives PR Newswire credibility and offers clients greater exposure.
  • Build relationships with journalists and editors from high caliber publications
  • Introduce corporate stories to our exclusive press partners in Europe, newsaktuell/dpa, ANP, Adnkronos, and ITAR-TASS
  • Send media releases in full-text local language to demonstrate respect for your target audiences
Customize your distribution with targeted packages
You don't have to fit your PR programs into our ready-made packages. PR Newswire can create customized distributions that meet your unique needs in Europe and beyond. No other newswire offers the flexibility of custom international distributions.
  • Choose the media audiences you want to reach in a single package, including trade-only, general media or online-only, or a combination of two or more
  • Decide which regions of Europe you want to reach, such as the United Kingdom only, all nations, the France, Germany and Italy or some other combination
  • Mix Europe distributions with other parts of the world, such as trade media in Australia plus online media in Asia or any

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