International Distribution - Leverage the Global Network Built with Local Expertise

When you want to tell your news to the world – or just certain countries in specific languages – tap PR Newswire’s extensive international network to get your message into the right hands. PR Newswire offers the reach, expertise, translation services and reporting to help you launch and track your global communications. We’ll share your news with your key audiences around the globe, then measure its impact so you can determine what messages are resonating with the media, investors and consumers.

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With our unparalleled international network, you can target and share your message with key audiences in North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Middle East regions. With our global network your press releases and messages can reach more than 170 countries and in more than 40 languages.
Target your audiences with our global network
PR Newswire's vast international network gets your message around the world and in the hands of your target audiences. Our services can help you reach as broad or as specific an audience to enhance your global communications efforts.
  • Tailor your communication strategy to reach the specific countries and languages of your target audiences
  • Use our translation services to send your message in the local language of your targeted country or region
  • Target specific media and journalists with PR Newswire's industry microlists
Leverage our local expertise and translation services
With offices all over the world, PR Newswire can help fine-tune your international strategy. We can tailor your message to the local language of the region to engage with your global audience, as well as, connect you with the top tier news agencies in your desired region.
  • Draw on the expertise of PR Newswire's employees in our local offices in Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America to provide insight in PR, Marketing and IR within those regions
  • Tap our translation services in more than 40 languages
Monitor and measure your global efforts
After you send your message, track your pick up on high-profile Web sites around the world with PR Newswire's reporting offerings.
  • Report on your release's ROI engagement metrics across a select group of influencer sites
  • Evaluate the performance of your release in the language it was distributed in
  • Share your reports and metrics with stakeholders
Learn more about our international content distribution options and how you can target audiences in hundreds of countries around the world.