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Webcasting makes your calls and events available to anybody anywhere there is a PC and an Internet connection. Webcasting generates publicity, gives public companies a high-tech image, offers lead generation capabilities, and is less expensive than satellite broadcasting. Investor Relations professionals recognize the value of Webcasting for annual meetings and conferences, investor messages, earnings calls and other events that impact stakeholders.

PR Newswire's IR Webcasts extend the reach of your Investor Relations efforts while enhancing your public image. IR Webcasts offer quality control and there's no need for in-house expertise because they are produced by MultiVuTM, our broadcast and multimedia production company. Your executives focus on the message. PR Newswire focuses on the delivery.

Choose Webcasting to meet your specific disclosure needs

Not all Webcasts are created equal. PR Newswire's Earnings Call Webcasting service offers three options, from simple to sophisticated, to meet the expectations of investors, analysts, media and consumers interested in your financial news.

  • Get the word out with Audio Only Webcasts that invite your target audience to listen to a streaming audio file on their computer. Our package includes two hours of live audio to accommodate lengthy conference calls
  • Enhance your call with an Audio + Viewer-controlled Slideshow that allows listeners to access a visual presentation to compliment your earnings report
  • Guide your listeners with an Audio + Presenter-controlled Slideshow that helps you steer the direction of the call

Attract a larger audience with Eventcasting
You can put a face on your financials and increase investor confidence by Webcasting your next analyst day, shareholder meeting, product launch, plant tour, guidance call, CEO or executive presentation, analyst meeting, press conference or other event. MultiVu Eventcasting adds clarity and context to your story by broadcasting events online.

  • Access new markets more efficiently and increase the ROI of your event by streaming audio and video live or on-demand
  • Raise your profile among investors, media, consumers, or other target audiences
  • Select from a wide range of Webcast services, from a basic conference call audio Webcast to full production, multi-camera video Webcasts

Generate publicity – and leads – from your Investor Relations efforts
In order to maximize your Investor Relations budget you need to get the word out about your Webcast and follow up with attendees after the news breaks. PR Newswire offers an end-to-end strategy around IR Webcasts that offer value before, during and after the event.

  • Capture registration information of Webcast attendees so you can follow up with additional news after the event
  • Set up an event page that includes photos, logos and hyperlinks to relevant materials
  • Go interactive with an E-Mail Question Manager that lets viewers send their questions to executives
  • Transform your quarterly conference call into a podcast to make your event "portable" for busy investors and analysts

Contact PR Newswire to learn more about our IR webcasting services.

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