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The rules for filing financial disclosures are ever-changing. From the adoption of interactive data formats to the launch of new electronic data gathering methods, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to adapt to the digital age. These changes bring new challenges for public companies and the professionals responsible for regulatory compliance. PR Newswire monitors and adjusts to the SEC mandates in order to ensure our customers’ material news is compliant and distributed accurately.

Pre-transaction, Transaction and Post-transaction Services

Solutions for the evolution of your company

PR Newswire’s comprehensive suite of services encompasses the needs of all businesses, regardless of where they are in their evolution. We recognize that each phase -- pre-transaction, transaction and post-transaction -- has unique business goals and requirements.

With PR Newswire, you can:

  • Increase visibility, attract customers and generate investor interest during the pre-transaction phase
  • Meet requirements for mergers, acquisitions or IPOs during the transaction phase
  • Satisfy compliance and disclosure protocol during the post-transaction phase

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Filing Services

Meet SEC deadlines with prompt document conversions

Whether you are filing mandated forms or voluntary reports, Vintage Filings (a division of PR Newswire) ensures prompt and accurate document conversions.

PR Newswire and Vintage Filings' services include:

  • EDGAR filings
  • XBRL solutions
  • Regulatory filings (SEC)
  • Section 16 filings
  • Transactions
  • Virtual data rooms
  • Investment management filings

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Disclosure Services

Satisfy SEC mandates and reach the investment community

PR Newswire makes it simple for public companies to comply with disclosure regulations while maintaining open and transparent communication with key stakeholders.  We are the only newswire that can simultaneously disclose news releases in the U.S. and Canada.  In addition, PR Newswire is a recognized disclosure vehicle in the United Kingdom and provides news distribution services for companies throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

PR Newswire and Vintage Filings' services include:

  • Earnings & material news distribution (New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, OTC Pink Markets and the NASDAQ Stock Market)
  • IR Website hosting
  • IR Webcasting
  • Notice & Access Proxy Services


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Financial print and typesetting services

Intelligent typesetting streamlines financial reporting

Financial documents need to be flexible enough to meet both print and online requirements. Prospectuses, annual and semiannual reports and other time-sensitive financial documents must exist in a high-quality typeset medium for printing purposes – but the content also needs to be exported to HTML without losing its presentation in order to comply with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. 

PR Newswire and Vintage Filings' services include:

  • Financial printing
  • Typesetting (high-end typeset and SEC-ready HTML)
  • Custom design services available for financial documents

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