Latin America News Distribution. Cross-Cultural Media Relations.

Latin America is calling out for U.S. news – in two different languages. PR Newswire serves as your corporate news bureau to these Spanish and Portuguese-speaking nations that boast a population of about 550 million. Our international press release distributions to Latin American countries help you win the attention of news media – and consumers –  across these diverse markets.

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Distribute your press release to premium Latin America media outlets
No other communications solution offers a deeper distribution in Latin America. PR Newswire's partnerships with Notimex, O Globo, CMA Brasil, Diario y Noticias and others mean your release is getting maximum exposure in every Latin American country. Get complimentary translations in Spanish and Portuguese with every release
  • Benefit from comprehensive e-mail and wire distribution of full-text press releases to newspapers, magazines and Web sites in Central and South American countries that reaches more than 4,000 media points
  • Target specific regions and industries, such as Argentina Financial Newslines, Latin America High Tech or NAFTA distributions
  • Track your Latin American press coverage with PR Newswire's Notilog online and print monitoring service to demonstrate ROI
Build your reputation in a relationship-based economy 
Latin America is a multicultural land of opportunity. PR Newswire’s in-depth knowledge of Latin American media gives news from U.S. companies the advantage. We have a full-time staff on the ground in strategic locations across Latin America to build relationships with media that opens doors for your news.
  • Get introduced at PRN-sponsored events and network with local media
  • Understand the cultural nuances among Latin American nations
  • Learn how to navigate Latin America’s media landscape
Customize your distribution with targeted packages
You don't have to fit your PR programs into our ready-made packages. PR Newswire can create customized distributions that meet your unique needs in Latin America and beyond. No other newswire offers the flexibility of custom international distributions.
  • Choose the media audiences you want to reach in a single package, including trade-only, general media or online-only, or a combination of two or more
  • Decide which regions of Latin America you want to reach, such as Mexico only, all nations, the Southern Cone, or some other combination
  • Mix Latin American distributions with other parts of the world, such as trade media in Australia plus online media in Asia or any other combination