Media Monitoring and Tracking

Knowing what media, investors, consumers and competitors are saying about your brand online is critical in a new media age where information – both positive and negative – travels around the World Wide Web in real-time.

PR Newswire Media Monitoring gives you insight into how your organization, product, service, competition and industry are presented in print, online and social media channels. Media Monitoring tracks comments on more than 40 million blogs, 5 million forum posts per day, and 30,000 news sources, social networks and microblogs, including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Our flat-fee subscription pricing model ensures you always stay within budget no matter how many article clips we find – and the ability to change your search terms keeps your media monitoring relevant.

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Get comprehensive media monitoring on unlimited topics
Relying on free search engine e-mail alert tools for media monitoring doesn’t give you the whole story. Search engine e-mail alerts tend to offer a random sampling or outdated clips. PR Newswire Media Monitoring scours print, online news and social media sources, and gathers a comprehensive report of your topics.
  • Stay abreast of breaking news on your selected topics, including dailies, weeklies, magazines, trade journals, wire services, government sites, message boards, public discussion forums, Web sites, social media sites and influential blogs
  • Access monitoring reports through a convenient online dashboard and receive daily e-mail alerts
  • Build customized searches to track keywords related to your organization, industry and competitors and measure your level of social media buzz
  • Gauge whether discussions about your brand are positive, negative or neutral so you can make adjustments to your marketing messages
  • Identify frequently discussed topics around your brand – and your competitor's brand – to get a feel for what interests your target audience
Organize your media monitoring reports with convenient PR Newswire Media Monitoring tools
Managing your media monitoring reports can be overwhelming without tools to help you organize the intelligence we gather. PR Newswire Media Monitoring offers a suite of capabilities that streamline your analysis of news clips.
  • Access articles from anywhere, 24/7 on your password-protected PR Newswire Media Monitoring Web-based account.
  • Tabulate data in customizable charts in a variety of formats, including CSV, graphs and pie charts and share them in PDF format.
  • Discover top social media sources discussing your organization through the Influencers Report
  • Demonstrate ROI of a particular campaign by reviewing Buzz Volume charts that show spikes in mentions of your brand in social media
  • Stay organized with automatic bundling of similar or identical clippings from print, Web and social media, so you can review your articles more quickly and efficiently.
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