Media Monitoring for Reputation Management & Actionable Intelligence

In an age where discussions can quickly amplify - especially via social media - a real-time, enterprise-wide media monitoring system is needed, one that can keep your communications team on message and ahead of reputation issues. But the volume of data can be daunting, and many organizations aren't equipped to gather it, let alone analyze it to develop actionable business intelligence. 

MediaVantage brings together print, radio, television, online and social media content into a Media Intelligence platform, where your team can collaborate on campaigns, monitor global media coverage of your brand and critical topics, and extract actionable insights with speed and ease.

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Monitor Reputation & Key Issues across Media

To ensure that your entire organization has the same, full view of the media landscape, MediaVantage provides broad monitoring across print, Internet, social media and blogs - with TV and radio available as add-on-content sets. You will be able to identify developing trends and track results with customizable views, daily reports and email alerts.

  • All-in-one view to monitor, review and analyze results in a single window
  • Monitor all public RSS feeds, microblogs and Tweets to stay up-to-soeed on emerging discussions
  • Categorize tagged content and report on project, issues, or topic-specific coverage

Media Measurement that Informs Strategic Direction

View and analyze media coverage and communication activity with MediaVantage’s integrated report templates and dashboards, gaining insight into the key trends that can drive your organization’s strategic direction and your brand’s performance.

  • Graphic reporting of coverage across all channels, sorted by media type, as well as by issue, region or business line.
  • Directly compare your media coverage (via hits, outlets and tone) against that of your competitors.
  • Customized dashboard views allow you to track the vital indicators that matter most to your organization.
  • Media Metric Reports collate your scored and saved clips, and provide a tabular overview of audience, tone, brand, exclusivity and outlet prominence.
  • Charts show breakdowns of tonality, issue brand mentions, issue direct quotes, issue key messaging, and issue key message by media type.

Share Coverage & Insights with Key Stakeholders

Quickly and easily share media coverage with key stakeholders using MediaVantage’s compelling clip books, executive briefing books and issue books features.

  • Consolidate and share all media coverage that affects your brand, products and competitors, in a way that’s meaningful to your business.
  • User friendly, highly automated templates that streamline report production, publishing (HTML email, PDF, RTF and XML formats) and distribution.
  • Clip books and briefing books can be branded with your logo, customized images and colors.

Centralized & Secure Communications Management

MediaVantage helps your team stay aligned securely, and on top of the coverage and journalists that matter to your brand and industry.

  • Discussion history, topic archiving, central file library, and a corporate history of all campaigns, activities, successes and lessons learned.
  • A comprehensive Global Media Database and integrated PR Newswire directory that allows you to identify and connect with media from over 700,000 outlets and contacts.
  • User rights management allows you to control access related to sensitive issues.

Tailor Your MediaVantage Experience

Leverage the expertise of MediaVantage's Professional services team for your media monitoring programs and custom media research projects.

  • Configuration
  • Implementation and roll-out
  • Ongoing monitoring and in-depth reporting
  • On-demand research and analysis

MediaVantage ensures a unified voice, enabling your team to collaborate on media monitoring, campaigns and managing reputational issues. MediaVantage also enables you to update and engage key stakeholders, sharing the results of your communications campaigns and actionable business intelligence.


“MediaVantage makes the world a little bit smaller. The sun never sets on Rio Tinto Alcan. There is always something going on, so it’s important for us to keep a close eye on the media and the web.”

Bryan Tucker

Senior Advisor

Communications and External Relations

Rio Tinto Alcan