Target Middle East & Africa. Reach Influential Foreign Media

Consumer spending in the Middle East and Africa is still growing and international public relations efforts there are growing along with it. Successful PR in these markets demands a culture-centered approach that differs from tactics in the Western world. PR Newswire’s expertise in this area navigate the nuances of international public relations.

PR Newswire's Middle East and Africa distributions offer access to key general and trade media across this wide spectrum of nations – and we are continually adding new media points to our distributions. Our combination of distributions through prominent news agency partners such as Middle East News Agency, PANAPRESS and South African Press Association, as well as PR Newswire’s own regional distributions give our clients the full-text, in-language reach that meets their communications needs in these growing markets.
  • Customize your distribution to key regions in the Middle East and Africa, including Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and Saudi Arabia and Gulf States
  • Distribute in Arabic via Middle East News Agency and in Hebrew via PR Newswire’s Israel distribution
  • Target main newsrooms across the continent of Africa, including national and regional newspapers, radio and television stations and news agencies

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Customize your distribution with targeted packages
You don't have to fit your PR programs into our ready-made packages. PR Newswire can create customized distributions that meet your unique needs in the Middle East and Africa and beyond. No other newswire offers the flexibility of custom international distributions.
  • Choose the media audiences you want to reach in a single package, including trade-only, general media or online-only, or a combination of two or more
  • Decide which regions of the Middle East and Africa you want to reach, such as Israel only, all nations, Arab nations only or some other combination
    Mix Middle East and Africa distributions with other parts of the world, such as trade media in Latin America plus online media in Asia or any other combination