Multicultural News Distribution

Reach multicultural audiences with targeted ethnic newslines Distributing news to multicultural audiences demands sensitivity to language and culture. PR Newswire offers a diverse collection of newslines that reach specific ethnic audiences, including Hispanic, African American, North American Chinese and Native American. Additionally, Hispanic and African American newslines are further segmented into over a dozen news categories each so that your release targets the media you need to reach.

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Broadcast rich media content to Hispanic consumers with MultiVu Latino
U.S. Hispanic media and consumers are hungry for multimedia news. MultiVu Latino offers professional broadcast production and distribution support to send audio, video and rich media content to targeted Hispanic audiences on television, radio, outdoor billboards and the Internet.
Monitor campaigns with ReleaseWatch Latino and Hispanic Read Reports 
The need to prove public relations ROI has never been greater. PR Newswire has a comprehensive and exclusive Guaranteed Placement network of more than 165 Hispanic media Web sites and offers you the ability to monitor more Hispanic Web sites than any other newswire. We also offer the ability to analyze your monitoring reports so you can take action to improve your media relations efforts with your next release.