Build Awareness & Audience Engagement with Multimedia

Today, finding a way to get your target audience to engage emotionally and intelligently with your brand is a key to growth – and every day more and more people are engaging with photos, videos and infographics. Multimedia content grabs attention, amplifies your message via shares, likes, and tweets, and has been shown to increase visibility up to 9.7 times.*

To provide brands with flexible and cost-effective distribution of their rich content messages, PR Newswire has a streamlined line-up of multimedia distribution offerings.

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Tell Your Story with Your Mix of “Multiple Media”
Different  messages are best conveyed in different formats. Market research? How about an infographic highlighting findings and a link to download the report. Product launch? Share photos and a demo on YouTube. Executive briefing? Provide audio clips and charts. PR Newswire’s streamlined offerings give you the flexibility to share whatever mix of rich content best tells your story. 
Boost Media Pickup
In today’s content-hungry market, journalists, editors and bloggers need to do more with less. By providing all the elements of your story (logos, photos, videos, text) you make it easier for influencers—including our 33,000 strong active journalist community—to craft original, insightful and visually appealing articles and features for their readers, viewers and listeners. 
Grab Targeted Attention Easily
PR Newswire’s streamlined multimedia offerings are available with any US distribution package - national, regional or local - with the flexibility to add all the rich content elements your story needs.
  •  Basic – Images, Video, Audio: Share your multimedia story online, including your YouTube videos.
  • Standard – Images:  Add a “pop” of publicity to Basic by showcasing your photo, logo or image in Times Square**.
  • Premium – Images: Gain the highest level awareness with all the benefits of Standard, plus sharing your image with photo editors, archives and thousands of photo-only distribution points, including AP Photo Express and NewsCom.



Reporting and Interpretation of ROI Simplified
Gauge how your multimedia communications performed with PR Newswire’s Visibility Reports. In an easy-to-use interface, you can track KPIs for each piece of content and share how you moved the needle with key stakeholders.
Advanced Multimedia Options to Tell Your Story
  • Multimedia News Release – Engage your target audiences on a dedicated, branded landing page. 
  • ARC –Drive audience interactions in a dynamic, branded campaign microsite. 
      * PR Newswire Web Analytics
      ** Display on the Thomson Reuters sign in Times Square is provided through a partnership with Times Square2.

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