Social Media Press Release Distribution - Social Post

Press releases are shared in social networks thousands upon thousands of times each day. Boost the visibility of your news in social networks with PR Newswire's SocialPost™* news release amplification service. Attracting additional audiences and online searchers to your message, SocialPost™ spreads your news to followers of PR Newswire's Twitter accounts and helps your message stay fresh in social search longer with staggered posting. Simply submit a short tweet (100 characters or less) with your full press release, and PR Newswire will post your message at staggered intervals to three of PR Newswire's industry-specific Twitter accounts, including a shortened link back to your press release.

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  • Maximize social visibility: Capture attention throughout the day and increase potential search exposure as your message is posted on up to three PR Newswire accounts** at staggered intervals within 24 hours of your news release being posted to
  • Build relationships & increase social media presence: Spread your message to the followers of select PR Newswire Twitter accounts.
  • Boost social search visibility.
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 *SocialPost™ news release distribution is only available with newslines that include posting to
**Tweet will be posted on two to four PR Newswire accounts depending on the content of the news release. All news releases will be posted to @PRNalert, as well as one to three additional industry-specific accounts.