Targeted Media Email Lists

Finding your audience can be a challenge in a new media landscape that continues to add niche publications, blogs, editors and journalists. If you don’t need an entire media database, but you still want to reach very targeted audiences, Media Microlists cut through the mountains of media contacts and zero in on your specific targets. Microlists deliver your news to reporters and bloggers in the manner they prefer. These opt-in lists assure media is receptive to news about your industry.

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Supplement your wire distribution with targeted e-mail lists
Distributing press releases over our national newslines gives you a broad reach across all types of media. Microlists supplement those distributions with targeted delivery to journalists covering particular industries – and subsets within those industries.
  • Choose from hundreds of different Microlists to reach reporters covering specific industry segments with fields such as Healthcare, Technology, Finance, Entertainment, Energy, Education, Policy, Legal, Transportation, and Travel 
  • Target niche vertical markets on the fly 
  • Benefit from our researchers’ continual updates of Media Microlists, which have a message delivery rate averaging 95 percent
Build targeted media lists on-the-fly with Microlist Builder
Pick and choose which media receives your individual press releases with Microlist Builder, a service that allows you to build a targeted, one-time use, list of individual reporters and bloggers that cover the specific subject matter of your news.
  • Compliment broad newswire distribution with special delivery of your news to hand-picked media interested in stories from organizations in your industry
  • Tailor custom lists based on complete profiles of more than 535,000 reporters and analysts to meet individual campaign objectives cost–effectively
  • Receive a pitch list of journalists who got your press release for convenient follow up
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