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Distributing press releases is one strategy to gain media opportunities. Responding to the requests of journalists who are actively seeking interviews with subject matter experts is another highly effective way to gain exposure for your organization as a thought leader.

PR Newswire's ProfNet helps you gain exposure for your organization by promoting your spokespeople and experts on a network that connects tens of thousands of news organizations with expert sources. As a member of ProfNet, you'll get the inside scoop on reporter queries and media leads, and build relationships with the journalists who cover your industry.

"ProfNet has revolutionized communication between journalists and the PR profession
by turning the tables of reliance. In providing journalists with access to expert third-party sources at the touch of an email, it is now the media that is effectively 'bothering' PR people for help and support. Never have so many journalists been so openly grateful."  
– PRWeek magazine

Respond directly to reporters looking for expert sources
Reporters are constantly looking for qualified experts to interview on breaking news, industry trends, product launches and many other topics. ProfNet Opportunities offers an online platform that facilitates interaction between media on the hunt for sources and subject matter experts with commentary for the media.

  • Get media leads sent directly from reporters looking to interview subject matter experts via your password-protected ProfNet portal or e-mail
  • Filter reporter queries using more than 13 subject areas and 300 subcategories to make sure you receive media leads best suited to your subject matter expert. Subjects include Banking, Technology, Education, Law, Management, Health and more
  • Put ProfNet on your schedule and select how often you would like to receive the e-mails
  • Search reporter queries by keyword on to maximize your media opportunities
  • Review reporter queries with detailed topic and contact information, and respond with your best pitch when you find a match
  • Monitor interests of thousands of news organizations and cultivate new media opportunities

Pitch experts and story ideas directly to the media
Get proactive by pitching expert sources and story ideas directly to the media with our ProfNet Alerts service. ProfNet Alerts showcase your experts and their commentary in Expert and Topic Alerts to help you make media connections. This service runs like a “reverse opportunity” and pitches your expert source and commentary on a timely topic to the media, giving them story ideas they are desperately seeking in today’s competitive landscape.

  • List subject matter experts available to comment on specific breaking news with Topic Alerts
  • Provide three-sentence story ideas that summarize a subject matter expert's perspective on a timely issue or trend and invite interviews with Expert Alerts
  • Deliver alerts by wire to thousands of U.S. news organizations via PR Newswire’s premium newsline, by e-mail to thousands of registered reporters, and the "Hot Topics" section of PR Newswire's media-only Web site

Stimulate visibility and media interaction through a revolutionary online community connecting experts and key influencers around the world
ProfNet has brought expert sourcing to the next level with ProfNet Connect – the FREE, interactive online community enabling experts and communications professionals to network and engage with members of the media and key influencers. ProfNet Connect puts you in the driver’s seat to conduct timely conversations with journalists, bloggers and other experts, and helps you position your organization as a go-to source when quotable experts are needed to complete a story.

  • Create individual profiles to highlight your organization’s experts.
  • Stimulate media interaction by adding multimedia components to your profile, from photos and videos to white papers and much more.
  • Elevate your visibility among key influencers and give your experts higher ranking in search engines. Profiles can be instantly searched by the media and are indexed by major search engines.
  • Proactively connect with journalists, bloggers and other communications professionals in real time through messages, forums and blogs.
  • Extend your reach to new audiences, including bloggers, conference organizers and academic researchers.
  • Gain valuable insight into which topics are driving attention in your industry in order to craft more compelling and relevant pitches.

ProfNet en Español
ProfNet revolutionized communications between English-speaking journalists and PR professionals. Now, ProfNet en Español is set to revolutionize media opportunities for Spanish-speaking subject matter experts and journalists.

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