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The most effective PR campaigns mix a variety of channels and tactics, including distribution to journalists and bloggers relations, online press release distribution, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) press releases, and Social Media Distributions. Measuring public relations success across this spectrum of new and traditional media demands quantifiable press release data which clearly demonstrates a return on your investment. 

With every press release PR Newswire distributes across the U.S., we provide complimentary press release measurement tools that give you actionable insights into how your story is resonating with public, media and investor audiences.

Our dynamic Visibility Reports dashboard enables you to understand and analyze results in terms of:

Online Visibility

Learn what online audiences are connecting with your news draws consumers from around the world looking for the latest news on organizations and industries. The Visibility Reports dashboard offers insights into how many people viewed your news, what countries and states these people reside in, and which search engines people queried to find your news. You can also see a snapshot of web sites that are carrying your full-text press release.

Monitor online news Web sites to track press release pick up
Waiting to see where a news release is posted can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. A complimentary, value-added service from PR Newswire, ReleaseWatchTM monitors over 900 Web sites, including AOL, MSN, Marketwatch and Yahoo!, and offers an e-mail report with an average of more than 100 links to the precise page where the full text of your press release can be viewed. You’ll receive a full detailed report as soon as two hours after distribution, which includes tools to quickly and easily share screenshots of your release posted on key Web sites.

Investor Engagement

Discover how many investors are reading your press releases
Gauging analyst and institutional investor interest in your news is extremely important for public companies. Investor Visibility Reports help you uncover which investment houses have read individual press releases on Thomson’s First Call and StreetEvents, and whether they continue to follow your news over time.

Search Engine Optimization

Gain insights into your SEO efforts and apply it to future campaigns
Millions of consumers rely on search engines to find news and information. PR Newswire offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to make your press releases more visible in search engines. Our SEO Visibility Reports help you gauge the effectiveness of your keywords. You can review reports detailing the additional traffic your optimized release generated so you can build on those efforts and find out which keywords and links drive the most traffic to your Web site.

Overall Audience Engagement

Track reader interaction with your press release
Move beyond numbers of eyeballs and track reader interaction with your press release on PR Newswire’s Engagement report offers trusted insights into how readers are interacting with your news so you can determine how your message impacted key audiences. Find out if readers are e-mailing your news to associates; discover if readers are saving links, bookmarking or blogging about your news; and compare your engagement with competitors in the same industry. 

Get a quick overview of your press release performance

Getting the details behind the numbers is vital, but sometimes you need a high-level overview. Visibility Reports gives you key press release metrics at a glance. You can see snapshots of press release performance for time periods you define, embed colorful charts into reports that illustrate the impact of your news, and download your results in a variety of formats for easy printing or sharing with colleagues.

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