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Oct 13, 2014

3 Ways to Leverage Earned Media for Marketing

Earned media mentions are the golden ring for many PR programs.  Getting great coverage in a key publication remains a key objective for many public relations campaigns and with good reason – traditional media outlets continue to wield outsize influence despite flagging revenues and diminished paid subscribers. News coverage garners attention, fuels social amplification, builds brand credibility and as it so happens, influences buyers.

Earned media mentions have real utility for brands beyond PR’s clip book.   When a prospect is in the discovery phase, they’re open to a broad scope of content and opinions. Depending on the source (such as a thought leader or industry publication), the message can also carry weight later on in the decision-making process—especially if your brand is unknown and someone’s looking for external signals or associations. Earned media at this point in the sales cycle is integral. Someone further down the funnel that has already experience brand credibility through earned media will likely be more open to your message than someone who has not.

  • Align PR & marketing goals. Ensure PR are telling stories and targeting outlets that mesh with marketing plans and your buyers’ journeys.
  • Ensure the brand is using common language across channels, including search.  Because media mentions inform search engine results, it’s important to used consistent language to deliver maximum benefit for the brand.
  • Communicate coverage wins. Use media monitoring tools to immediately identify coverage and share news stories with your marketing, sales and social media teams.    Get maximum bang for that coverage by using brand channels to amplify it.  You’ll also do the reporter a favor – the page views their stories receive are an important newsroom metric against which they’re covered.

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PR needs to inform the content strategy, and vice-versa.  Agree on target audiences, key messages, primary keyword and phrases and the ultimate measures of success.

kc distro effectFor more ideas on leveraging the power of earned media across marketing channels, read our new paper: Get Credible!  The Role of Earned Media in Inbound Strategy


sarah avatarAuthor Sarah Skerik is a communications and content marketing thought leader.  

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