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Nov 02, 2012

Ask PRN: Is Radio Dead?

With the rise of social media and the contraction of traditional media channels, many PR people are evaluating the mix of media they’re targeting in their campaigns.  Just like other media markets, radio has seen its fair share of upheaval.  However, the medium is still very effective, and still commands a huge audience — it definitely belongs in a broadcast PR campaign.   Here are answers to questions we hear frequently about the viability of the radio market.

Is radio dead?

The short answer is absolutely not.  Radio still offers a lot of value for a variety of reasons. First, radio impression numbers tend to be a lot larger than TV impressions. There are more opportunities to secure a large national hit, such as USA Radio or Cable Radio Network, which can both garner over a million  impressions. Second, radio provides the opportunity to gain coverage in certain markets that aren’t viable for Satellite Media Tours (SMT), which include many top tier markets. Third, with radio it’s much easier to secure regional coverage by targeting specific radio stations that may cover an entire state. For campaigns or stories that are pertinent to specific parts of the country, this ability is key.

What’s the difference between a Radio Media Tour and simply advertising on radio?

A Radio Media Tour (RMT) is a great tool for any campaign. While an advertisement is essentially a commercial spot with heavily branded messaging and no host/talent interaction,  a radio media tour provides the radio host the ability to interact with a spokesperson who delivers the intended messages in a more subtle, newsworthy format airing during morning drive time.

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