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Feb 04, 2013

Blog Notes: Celebrating Black History Month


In observance of February’s Black History Month, PR Newswire’s multicultural team profiled some notable blogs. We took a close look at a number of diverse African-American blogs that cover a range of topics, from urban automobiles and travel adventures to beauty and relationships.

BrownGirlsFly is a  self-proclaimed “melanin-infused perspective on travel.” It details the travel adventures of sisters Chelle and Crystal, who worship the chance to experience as many new languages and cultures as they can firsthand. They’ve produced the blog with hopes to “encourage as many people as possible to leave their comfort zones and see the world for themselves.” Read the full review from PR Newswire for Bloggers here.

If you’ve got a great new product for women of color that needs a review, you should consider pitching Gregorie Guillaume, founder of HUEKNEWIT. HUEKNEWIT is a beauty, hair, and skin care blog, highlighting the latest in trends and gifts. It also features a weekly e-newsletter and a “Your Man” section for guys who could use a little help with their fashion or beauty regimen. Read the full review here.

A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss is an extremely popular blog with 108,000+ likes on Facebook, more than 8,000 Twitter followers, and 123,000 email subscribers. It appears many want to know the secret of how Erika Nicole Kendall went from weighing 330 pounds to becoming a personal trainer. Read the full review here.

MadameNoire is an upscale site geared toward black women. Since 2007, MadameNoire has built a solid following, and on Facebook, the site has garnered around 15,000 followers.  Not too shabby. Blog topics include business, love, entertainment, hair, beauty, health and living.  MadameNoire has an edgy yet affectionate tone. It’s clearly geared toward strong, independent women as video sections like “Mommy in Chief” and “She’s the Boss” can attest. Read the full review here.

Welcome to the candy shop of urban automobiles, Automotive Rhythms. Founded by Kitmatni D Rawlins in 2002, Automotive Rhythms hooks up the urban car buying market to manufacturers.   The site is testament to living the lifestyle with sections on fashion, sports and entertainment, and celebrity auto, to name a few. The site also features auto safety, auto care, information on auto shows and reviews. Read the full review here.

Dalia Paratore is PR Newswire’s director of Multicultural Products and Services.

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