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Jul 20, 2012

Car Blogs: Start Your Engines!

This week my focus is on car blogs. I don’t actually own a car. In fact, I ride a bike to work. But, even I know how crucial automobiles are. That is to say, I take cabs now and again. I even have a Zipcar membership. It stands to reason all my food is probably transported in cars or trucks at some point. And, if I were to call the cops, I wouldn’t want them taking the subway to the scene of the crime. Cars are important is what I’m trying to say. And trust me when I say these five car bloggers are just a few of the many great ones out there reporting on the subject. So with that in mind, let’s fill up our tanks, buckle our seat belts, and enjoy this brief tour through some of the best car blogs I’ve seen lately.

Green Car Reports is a blog that looks under the hood of electric and hybrid vehicles. Admittedly, this market is growing. And, not surprisingly, they have a lot to write about. They’re quick to discuss which models they like, but are also more than willing to discuss those they don’t. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for stories on electric and/or hybrid vehicles. Stories surrounding alternative energy might also work. Check out the full review here.

Cars for Girls is a lot what it sounds like. It’s a car blog for women. The thinking is a) it’s no longer 1950, and therefore, b) women should be informed about what they’re buying. This blog is about education. This blog is about purchasing power. Having said that, the color pink is still pretty prominent on the site. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d keep the title in mind and look for stories that surround women and automobiles. Check out the full review here.

Autoextremist often uses the word “rant” to describe its format. Another way to describe it is as a newsletter. The blog is authored by a veteran of the automotive advertising industry. And, as you might expect, it’s full of strong opinions. It’s also full of the type of perspective you’d expect from someone who has dedicated half a lifetime to the industry. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for stories around the car industry from a manufacturing standpoint. Those stories that also relate to the city of Detroit might work, too. Check out the full review here.

Celebrity Cars Blog fulfills a very specific niche. As you might expect, it’s about celebrities and their cars. We love celebrities in this country. We want to know who they’re dating, what they’re wearing and even what they’re eating. Why shouldn’t we gawk at what they’re driving, too? If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for anything to do with celebrities and their cars.  Check out the full review here.

The name Winding Road refers to that perfect stretch of open highway. This is a car blog, sure. But, really, it’s about the experience of driving. It’s about the art of it. This blog loves their cars and it shows. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for anything to do with cars. Accessories or other items that have a ‘car theme’ might also work here. Check out the full review here.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, if there’s a blog I should be reviewing, drop me a line or a note in the comments, and I’ll take a look. Until next time…

Author Tom Hynes is PR Newswire’s manager of blogger relations. And as you may have guessed, he has a twitter31 account.

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