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Feb 13, 2013

Content Marketing Like a Pro

Author Paula Henderson

Why is content marketing important? According to the company Media Whiz, It is the future of marketing and how you should be generating new business. I bet most marketers don’t think like a salesperson when writing for their respective audiences but if you use your content to win your customers, it will generate leads for your business.  As a salesperson, I often have to think to myself why I would want to buy a particular product or service. When posing that question, it’s easier to write with authority. Daryl Colwell, VP of Business Development for @MediaWhizLLC tells us to make our buyer the hero. “Produce content that informs your customers and improves their business, says Colwell.

Our VP of Social Media Sarah Skerik riffed on a quote from the movie Field of Dreams, saying “If you build it, they don’t always come.” In other words, don’t create content just to have content.

In Skerik’s workshop at the Online Marketing Summit Conference she spoke on making your customers your advocates and finding your industry rockstars by customizing your content to meet their needs. MediaWhiz also suggested using websites such as and Yahoo Answers to find specific questions around a subject which will help you tailor your content accordingly.

More benefits for SEO writing:

  • Attracts Authority Signals (links, social shares) – improves SEO performance
  • Positions brand as authority on relevant topics
  • Increases conversion rates

-Educates users on topics that are difficult to understand.

While it is important to write with these SEO tips in mind, you’re not a computer so write for humans!

Top 5 tips MediaWhiz provided for Content Marketing:

1)    Know your audience: Write for a specific reader or customer. Know what they want and how/where they consume information

2)    Include images: Images will “pop” when content is shared

3)    Commit: Not a one-night stand. Establish an editorial calendar and publish often.  Give customers a reason to keep reading.

4)    Engage the right buyers with the right content. Write content for all levels of the sales funnel.

5)    Repurpose content. Turn blog posts into white papers; white papers into infographics, etc.

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Author Paula Henderson works for PR Newswire consulting our agency clients  in Los Angeles, CA.

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