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Sep 06, 2012

Content Marketing World: Lunchtime Shootout! #cmworld

Notes from the thought leader shootout sessions at Content Marketing World.  Fun stuff!

Tom Stein  (@tom_stein) Stein Partners Brand Activation

Content – is it the new merlot, or the new black?  There’s lots of conversation about content being the new black.

Wine consumption increased by 66% percent after 60 Minutes did a show on the health benefits of wine.  Casual drinkers went with merlot.  Demand went up, supply went up, and the quality went down.  It became synonymous with crappy wine.

Today we’re seeing a glut of content.  And quality looks like it may be on the decline.  It’s incumbent on content marketers to ensure the quality stays high. Let’s make sure content doesn’t become merlot.

Megan Leap (@meganleap) Online Marketing Institute

The best races are the ones you finish. What does content marketing have in common with marathon running?

1)      You must commit to your crazy goal.

2)      Stay consistent.  Start small, and nurture your program over time.  Build up.

3)      Set milestones to keep you focused along the way.

Focus on your first mile, and get running!

Toby Murdock (@tobymurdock)  Kapost

Content marketing is still a new discipline, and people still don’t fully understand it.  It’s often confused with social.  What’s the difference between content marketing and social media marketing?

Content is a much bigger thing, and over time will be more revolutionary. Key differences:

1)      Where’s the center of gravity? For social, it’s inside the social networks.  In content marketing, social is an important distribution channel, but the center of gravity is on our web sites.

2)      Type of content:  Social is very short form that’s catchy.  It’s eye candy.  In content marketing, it’s longer form and more substantial.  We’re behaving like publishers.

3)      Overall objective: Social works for awareness.  But it’s not turned the corner in terms of delivering results in terms of generating leads, opportunity and new business.  Content marketing does generate business results. It develops relationships with prospects and showcases thought leadership.

More important than any channel is the message we deliver.

Michelle Malcho – Chevy Volt

The Volt is being showcased at a variety of different events like Content Marketing World  and SXSW.

We have this great technology, and we talked about how fantastic this car is to drive.  But the car didn’t take hold until Chevy changed the perspective to talk about the customer.

What’s more exciting:

I drove a Volt for 1,000 miles on one tank of gas?

Volts have gone 100,000 EV miles?

All the content on the Volt web site has the customer at the center. And last month they posted record sales of the Volt.  (Yay!)

One imperative: make sure all your efforts across PR, marketing, social, content and the web.

Josh Miles (@joshmiles) Miles Design

Are we looking at a content marketing bubble.

What’s awesome?  Balloons.  Kids think balloons are awesome, and they’re passionate about balloons.  Look how they freak out over balloon color, or if something happens to their balloon.

Driving down car dealership row, and they see a car dealer that has a balloon tied to every antennae.  There’s probably some great consumer research around using balloons on Saturday mornings.

But he’s pretty sure the bubble on car balloons popped a long time ago.  And nobody told the dealers that balloons aren’t working.

Is content marketing coming up on a bubble?  The good news is that we have lots of diversity – designers, brand guys, PR, journalists, marketers.   But there are traps – follow the research, and do the same thing over and over.  And heaven forbid that the headline you write doesn’t have a numeral in it!  These tactics are becoming balloons.  And they’re not working.

The content marketing bubble isn’t about to pop, but some of the tactics are growing stale.  Content marketing is awesome – but beware the balloons!

Heather Meza (@heathermeza) Cisco

A B2B BDM walks into a bar.  He says to the bartener “I’m looking for a cost-optimized drink of a fruity nature.”

The bartender says “What?”

People don’t talk like that, but we’re filling the world with language that kills the soul.

We’re all in the P2P space.  We’re all human, and we crave the same things.  Throw away the work persona! Be real and connect with people. It’s fun.

And the content you create should be fun.  And it should be fun for the people who are encountering it.

Be bold, be courageous.  Be a real person all the time. Just be you, out there in the world. Inspire the people you work with and the company you work with to be human.

Sarah Skerik (@sarahskerik) is PR Newswire’s vice president of social media.

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