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Feb 08, 2013

Content We Love: 5 Broken Cameras’ Multimedia

“Content We Love” is a weekly feature written by a team of our content specialists. We’re showcasing some of the great content distributed through our channels, and our content specialists are up for the task: they spend a lot of time with the press releases and other content our customers create, proof reading and formatting it, suggesting targeted distribution strategy and offering SEO advice. In Content We Love, we’re going to shine the spotlight on the press releases and other messages that stood out to us, and we’ll tell you why. We hope you find the releases enjoyable and the insights gained from discussing them enlightening.

5 broke cameras

And the 2013 Academy Award Nominees are…

Oscar season. To me, it is a reason to celebrate. Every year the scenario is the same, my ballot sheet is printed and come the last Sunday in February, I stand in anticipation to learn who are the winners.

  • The motion picture industry shapes our lives. Dinner and movies shape “date night” and when we peruse the news, video and images seek our attention.

So how fitting: my gaze could not be broken when the multimedia assets on 5 BROKEN CAMERAS Nominated for Oscar® captured my attention.

How fitting it is to have key images
and the movie trailer on the actual release!

The goal of issuing content is to:

  1. have people read it
  2. have people act on it
  3. have people remember it

Chances are, if you’re sending a release, you have a message, a story to share. The hopes are that people will not only see it, but read it, act on it (share, print, comment, etc), and also remember it. And what is memorable? Multimedia!

*Including multimedia components increases the visibility of your message.


People are drawn to images and videos!

5 BROKEN CAMERAS Nominated for Oscar®, a release about a documentary, scored well in my book for compiling not just an image or two, but including the movie trailer.

The release combines the information of being Oscar-nominated and the story of Emad Burnat– and gives every single reader the opportunity to share in the experience, by way of the 2 minute trailer!

As you know, we live in an instant-gratification type of world. The likelihood of someone searching for a video versus pressing play on the same page as the release definitely favors the latter. If you have available video, available images, infographics, etc– add them! No more expecting people to search for your information… deliver it directly!

If pictures are worth a thousand words, keep the conversation going on your release with multimedia components!

Big thanks to Kino Lorber for letting us share in the story and the release and congratulations on the Oscar nomination!

Author Emily Nelson is a Customer Content Specialist for PR Newswire. Follow her adventures on or on twitter

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