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Mar 29, 2013

Content We Love: Outback Steakhouse Scores with an Infographic

ContentWeLoveIt seems like everyone has a bracket these days.  March Madness is in full-swing, and team loyalty is running rampant.  You can’t turn the corner without seeing team colors and heated debates among friends.  Even I donned my red and silver University of New Mexico sweatshirt, showing support for my alma mater before a sadly fruitless struggle last night.  C’est la vie.

Basketball is on everyone’s mind, and the infectious excitement of the tournament is drawing everyone out for the fun.  When I saw Outback Steakhouse present an opportunity for friends to root for the teams they love, I was entranced.  With a new promotion and a new product, Outback introduced their new “TourneyTizers” to bring out the crowds on gameday.


Outback Steakhouse® Joins The Madness This March With TourneyTizer Tuesdays

The content showcased a few perfectly balanced aspects which have the power to organically create buzz.  The restaurant chain introduced a new tournament among its products, allowing the competition to flow from the games into the kitchen.

If you’re keen on watching games, you can understand the “visual” element. Press releases are no different! Outback Steakhouse’s inclusion of an infographic gave you the home-court advantage by telling the story with a image.

The release taught a very important lesson – new products and promotions do NOT need to be boiled down to the bare facts or chunks of text.

  • Visual components make a release stand out from the crowd.

The infographic, playful and simple, showed off the exciting new dishes and related the information back to March Madness.

We have a bracket for our teams…
why not for our favorite dishes?

If your company is creating a new promotion, remember the power of imagery.  Outback’s release showed off a new infographic and played off the madness this month brings.  While the NCAA may not have a champion yet, it’s clear that this season Outback is a champion with their TourneyTizers.

Author Robbie Thomsen is a Customer Content Specialist for PR Newswire. Off duty, he often can be found in the kitchen, experimenting with myriad foods and techniques. 

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