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Mar 18, 2016

Content We Love: How to Add #PEEPSONALITY to Your Content Marketing

What Marketers Can Learn from PEEPS

Every brand has an identity. It’s up to brand managers and marketers to pinpoint what makes that identity unique and play to those strengths.

Depending on your brand’s expertise, planning content around the holidays and other seasonal events can be a great way to newsjack topics that naturally align with your vision.

This spring and Easter season, Just Born Quality Confections – maker of your favorite sugar-coated marshmallow treat PEEPS – has done just that.

The latest press release from the self-proclaimed “Spring Ambassador” offers tips and tricks on how to make the perfect Easter basket. And why not? This season made PEEPS a household name.

“As a company that is pivotal to the Easter holiday, we want to assure our fans that we are here to help when it comes to assembling the perfect Easter basket,” says Kimberly Stiele, managing director for Just Born Retail Group. “We are constantly developing new items to make sure we offer products that align with current merchandising trends, while preserving our traditional items that our fans have used to fill Easter baskets for many years.”

In their press release, PEEPS offers four pieces of advice to create a stress-free “PEEPS-tastic” basket. However, the tips aren’t just a natural fit for showcasing the brand’s holiday expertise. Keep reading to learn how they also apply to creating marketing content that’s full of #PEEPSONALITY.

PEEPS Easter Baskets

Make Traditions

Holidays are a time to celebrate family traditions and make new memories. We all have certain memories about spring that stand out to us, and your content should be the same.

A consistent voice across your writing, visuals, etc. will help audiences immediately identify your brand every time they encounter your content. Take the time to plan content that is authentic and memorable.

Do it now: Statistics show that the most effective content marketers document their strategy. Doing so makes it easier to ensure you’re delivering a consistent experience year-round. Our step-by-step planning guide and sample editorial calendar are the perfect tools to keep you on track.

Add Customization

Though there is no exact formula for making the perfect Easter basket, there are certain elements that will give it the right personality for its recipient. A basket for a child should look much different than one made for an adult.

The same can be said about creating and promoting pieces of content for different types of audiences. Identify and target your audience by creating a basket of content that’s relevant.

Do it now: Today a press release can – and should – be deployed to reach your target audience. But different customers, journalists, and influencers have different needs and preferences. Download Gain Targeted Audience Attention with PR Newswire for tips on serving your content’s individual audience.

Use Color

Easter is one of the more colorful holidays of the year. Highlighting the bright and energetic colors of spring, Easter baskets are distinct and eye-catching.

Similarly, when publishing a press release, you should always include some type of multimedia to hold onto your audience’s attention.

Do it now: In our latest study of multimedia usage in press releases, we found that releases with images receive an average of 1.4 times more views than text-only. Video doubles the performance of releases that included images. However, the usage of visuals is also on the rise, meaning you need to evolve your visual storytelling strategy. Learn how (and get more stats) with The State of Multimedia in Press Releases.

Organize Your Presentation

This may sound simple, but you would be surprised by how many people overlook presentation. An Easter basket isn’t a bucket; you don’t just pour the contents into it and pass it along to a loved one. It is artfully put together to intrigue and delight the recipient.

Your marketing materials should be given the same treatment, creating something that is easy on the eyes and interesting for the viewer.

Do it now: When customers decide which product they’re going to purchase, they research the companies they’re considering, the solutions each offers, and the opinions that others share about them. Download our case study IGA Increases Visibility & Brand Awareness to learn how to package your product’s whole story so that it stands out.

This year I will be making baskets for both of my kids, and I am positive they will be filled with candy and toys specific to each child. Having a 4-year-old and a 4-month-old make that a priority. Keep this in mind the next time you’re creating content.

Ensure success by adding a bit of “PEEPSONALITY” and customizing your content marketing to your audience’s wants.

Author Ryan Hansen (@RPH2004) manages social media at PR Newswire, sharing the latest PR, marketing and social media trends across our networks. See what he’s up to around the PR Newswire offices by following @PRNewswire on Instagram.

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