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Apr 26, 2013

Content We Love: Using Visuals to Create a Seamless Path for Readers

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“Content We Love” is a weekly feature written by a team of our content
specialists. We’re showcasing some of the great content distributed through our channels, and our content specialists are up for the task: they spend a lot of
time with the press releases and other content our customers create, proof
reading and formatting it, suggesting targeted distribution strategy and
offering SEO advice. In Content We Love, we’re going to shine the spotlight on
the press releases and other messages that stood out to us, and we’ll tell you
why. We hope you find the releases enjoyable and the insights gained from
discussing them enlightening.


A snapshot of the multimedia press release issued by the United States Potato Board. It seamlessly integrates multimedia with their own web site content, creating a widely-distributed portal back to the organization’s web site.  Click the image to see the full MNR.

Everyone loves food.

Cookbooks woo us with the colorful images of decadent cuisine. We salivate over each picture and build confidence that it would be easy to re-create the recipe. The moment of truth is finding yourself in the kitchen with smoke billowing from the oven and the realization you’re not Julia Child. Or maybe that is just me.

Visuals engage the reader.

Press releases, at their core, are to provide information. For the United States Potato Board, their Multimedia News Release* is geared towards not only sharing information and recipes, but dynamically engaging the reader with rich multimedia –in short, the visuals.

Ring in Spring by Using Unique Potato Types to Create Colorful, Nutrition Packed Dishes

There are many ways to showcase a message and tell a story with press releases. The captivating Multimedia News Release provides assets (photos, videos, PDFs, etc) to your release and therefore can increase your engagement with the reader.

Instantly the images of delicious meals fill the view but it doesn’t stop there. In tandem with the release are videos of different potato types, recipes, nutritional content, images, a connection to Facebook, and a logo combining the message with the assets, “Goodness Unearthed.”

We know imagery increases visibility, so what about engagement?

  • When crafting your story, having your audience take the next step and share/interact with your message is engagement.
Engagement is action.

Why is it important for a press release? To act, one must not only remember the content, but be inspired to act upon it.  For this release, the information takes a step further into a kitchen by way of recipes. The nutritional information, the pictures, and the videos all tie together with the message to create a truly engaging release.

  • Multimedia increases engagement. For your releases, remember the goodness of USPB and showcase your message using multimedia and social channels.

A seamless pathway for readers

The glossiest, most engaging multimedia doesn’t mean a thing if there’s no mechanism for capturing the interest your message has created.  In this example, the USPB integrated their own web site content into the MNR.  This tactic does two important things:

  • It offers readers seamless experience, creating clear path for them to follow, taking straight to web pages the USPB controls; and
  • Because the MNR is widely distributed, the USPB has effectively created and broadly circulated a portal leading directly to their web site across the web.

Big thanks to the United States Potato Board for a release full of goodness!

Want to explore new ways to tell your brand’s story?  We’d be happy to chat with you about creating a video or a designing multimedia distribution strategy that will increase discovery of your brand’s messages.  We’d love to hear your ideas, and help turn them into reality. Contact us for more information.

Author Emily Nelson is a Customer Content Specialist for PR Newswire. Follow
her adventures on or on twitter

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